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Arsenal Fans Arrested In Uganda For Celebrating Win Over Manchester United

Arsenal Fans Arrested In Uganda For Celebrating Win Over Manchester United

Eight Arsenal fans in Uganda have reportedly been arrested for celebrating yesterday’s English Premier League win over Manchester United.

Having fallen behind through Marcus Rashford’s early strike, Arsenal came back in dramatic fashion to beat United United 3-2 and restore their 5-point lead at the top of the Premier League table.

Relishing the prospect of Mikel Arteta’s charges finally ending their 19-year wait for the league title, the Gunners’ fans in the Ugandan city of Jinja went into the street to celebrate the crucial victory carrying a symbolic trophy and wearing red jerseys.

According to BBC Sport, they were later arrested by police for ‘not having a permit to celebrate in the streets’, in violation of the country’s public order laws.

Ugandan police regional police boss James Mubi, told the publication the Gunners fans ought to have requested for permission from law enforcement agents to go in the streets.

He said:

“What would have happened if an altercation with rival fans broke out? They did not inform police to provide security for their procession.”

Government critics in Uganda argue that the arrest was linked to the frequent arrest of members of the Bobi Wine-led opposition party — the National Unity Platform, which also wears red.

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aaaaah thus nonsense kanti vele the virus of confusion is all over Africa hmmmmmm

kkkkkkkkk 4 days ago

another **** hole country

Führer 4 days ago

Muno tikakuona wakapfeka jersy re wolves tokusunga🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

jerry..A..O 4 days ago

uuuuuuuum ma1 kani pakaipa maganaz makonzeresa kt vanhu wapinde mukati

Mukanyapazvese 4 days ago

Only in Africa
God heal our continent we're light years behind

1234 4 days ago

These policemen are united fans

Zimbabwe 4 days ago

cry my beloved Africa


Zimbabwe 4 days ago

aaa that's ****

CCC 4 days ago

yimtshaza yoo

PainFul 4 days ago

Famba magunners

Chimwana chacho 4 days ago

So funny

Patriot 4 days ago

That's the law,every demo or celebration needs police's permission be it political or not

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