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Armed Robbers Pounce On Motorist Along Chitungwiza Road, In Broad Daylight

Armed Robbers Pounce On Motorist Along Chitungwiza Road, In Broad Daylight

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a robbery case in which a motorist was robbed of his car along Chitungwiza road in broad daylight.

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, ZRP said the motorist was relieving himself when the two robbers approached him and produced an unidentified pistol. Reads the statement:

On 21/04/22 at around 1300 hours, a motorist driving a Honda Fit vehicle along Chitungwiza Road lost US$ 2 500 cash and other valuables all valued at US$3 000 after parking the vehicle near Zororo Cemetery to relieve himself.

Two unknown male suspects emerged from the tall grass and threatened the complainant with an unidentified pistol before handcuffing him. The suspects took control of the vehicle and later left the victim locked inside his car after undressing him and taking away the clothes.

A recent spike in armed robbery cases prompted Parliament to summon military commanders.

In some cases, weapons used in robberies were identified as belonging to the army, central intelligence organisation or police while in some cases serving and or discharged members of the uniformed forces were nabbed or implicated in robberies. 

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sparta 2 months ago

usually robbery yakadai its a. tip off

word low salary* 2 months ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

It not about salary, crime like soccer is jus a game. once a pirate always a pirate.

There are business people who got their capital from crime, because they only needed capital they robbed and quit.
there is a very thin line between a businessman and a thief.
Some executives who are running big companies are also thieves, its jus that theirs is called abuse of office. then the wory low salary is out 😀

.. 2 months ago

Unenge wakutotya chero kubatsira munhu unongoti ko ariwo matsotsi aya,,

Gogodera 2 months ago


CCC 2 months ago

poor salaries n poverty z di root of all dis mess. no industries vanhu vashande

mutadza 2 months ago

pay rise haina kubatsira


chikandamina 2 months ago

yave s,africa

Gogodera 2 months ago

Zim yave chii Mexico here

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