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Armed Robbers Pounce On A Service Station, Get Away With Over US$24K

Armed Robbers Pounce On A Service Station, Get Away With Over US$24K

Three armed robbers pounced on a service station in Masvingo this Tuesday and got away with over US$24 000.

In a report, seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said the assailants also attacked a shop attendant at the same complex and stole US$271 and cellphones. We present the report on the case below:

Police in Masvingo are investigating a robbery case which occurred on 17/05/22 at around 0300 hours at a service station and shopping complex at Bhuka.

Three unidentified suspects attacked the service station manager as well as two petrol attendants before stealing US$24 330 cash, a laptop and three cellphones.

The suspects went to a shop at the complex where they attacked the shop attendant and her boyfriend before stealing US$271 and four cellphones.

Anyone with information to contact ZRP Masvingo Operations on 0392 266778/ 262627 or National Complaints Desk on 0242703631 or report at any nearest Police Station.

A number of service stations have been targeted by armed robbers in recent years.

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VaGwede 1 month ago

Nzara ndoiziva ini varume hazvingatadzi kudaro mwana waMugabe akamboshandepi asi anokwira ndege akwirazve so ini kutoishaya pfuti ndaitoita the same why cause tiri kurobhewa every day how here is how we are robbed
1: 2 percent naMthuli Ncube
2: ecocash Masiyiwa anotora yake plus bank transfer yotora agent wonzwa oti kana muchida 400 isai 550
3: hanzi fodya unoita 30cents per gramme apa mudzanga wotengeswa 20cents uchirema 0.00003grams
4 : wakaona marumiro aita Bruno pachiyadzwa apo ummm unosara usina option
5: gross salary 2500 tax 1200 net work it out unosara usina penny
6 : kana uchida kuona kuti hauna chako paden pako ngapaite gold chete then you get to know kuti uri toga
kuba uku ngungo copawo vakuru chete mabiro ndieo anosiyana
Kune vanorobber musauraye vanhu zvenyu asi Mari musasiya kana cent

tinjani 1 month ago

umm bhoo here ma comments

chikiti.. musavengana 1 month ago

manager pa graft na 3 am aitsvagei fut

Asalif 1 month ago

those were ancient safes these days we use what we call drop in it's unlocked buy the owner or the keys don't stay with the manager it's open on stock taking and cash collection

reg 1 month ago

@chikiti dnt u know some fuel garages operates 24/7 ,some will do night shifts,day shifts and the cash wud be stored in SaFE when robbers pounds they can open fire or demand safe unlocking keys take all the money even stealing a car which they use as a getaway one,ndwo marobbers anonogara mu5star hotel even for a month vachidya,kunwa nekudya madzimai enyu

dem dead 1 month ago

kouyo boyfriend anoshandawo ipapo here

Asalif 1 month ago

chitombo chamiyanu chakaratarata


BabaAsalif 1 month ago

yes mwanangu d u z v i

Asalif 1 month ago

chitombo chamiyawe chakarenzeleka

Asalif 1 month ago

to my point of view this is the team that hit a family in zvishavane same day

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Until citizens remove Old People's Home government they will continue suffering from the scourge of armed robberies perpetrated by mainly former and serving members of the armed forces who are incapacited by low salaries. Citizens must coalaise at the Harmonised Elections and vote the Old People's Home government out from the driving seat in 2023.


Asalif 1 month ago

vanhu Ava vacharoiwa

Asalif 1 month ago

stop using my name just for once

cute 1 month ago

hakuna varoi kuno

ABSA 1 month ago

Crime rate is increasing this time of ED kudarika panguva ya Mugabe criminals are now armed with guns

Jorijo 1 month ago

Kkkkk zvatanga,,,an a mkoma anotora chenjeeera chenjera🎼📀🤸🎸🎵🎶

og 1 month ago

kuita professor na tokyo😂😂💪💪💪

Jamie handbags 1 month ago

Pamberi nezanu 🤣🤣🤣

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