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Armed Robbers Kill Security Guard - Police

Armed Robbers Kill Security Guard - Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the death of a security guard at Harvey Farm in Glendale after he was assaulted by a gang of 11 machete-wielding robbers who wanted to steal a transformer.

Mashonaland Central provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe, said the gang pounced at the farm at around 1 pm and found Mr Dick Mulila (46) a security guard at the farm together with his two colleagues who were on different points on the farm.

A robber approached Mulila who was manning the boom gate, assaulted him before tying his hands with a rope.

Two members of the group were left guarding Mulila while others went towards the transformer located 120 metres away.

They tried to strip the transformer of its accessories but it resulted in a huge spark and noise that was heard by farmworkers who alerted another security guard who was 2km away.

A couple, Locadia Chapenduka and Tonderai Kamukono, heard Mulila screaming for help and went to investigate.

They were attacked by two members of the gang who held them hostage, together with Mulila.

Insp Mundembe added that the other group of robbers went to the farm workshop where they found Mr Faster Mafunga, the deceased guard.

They assaulted him and stole Exide batteries, a compressor, grinder and a toolbox. 

They force-marched Mafunga to the boom gate before stripping five more Exide batteries from tractors and fleeing from the scene.

One of the hostages managed to untie himself and called for help.

Mafunga who had sustained serious injuries was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to the injuries later that afternoon.

Insp Mundembe appealed to the public to mobilise each other in large numbers when they hear suspicious noises and immediately contact the police for assistance.

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1 month ago

mzukuru 1 month ago

security team usually they will not b equiped as much as i know so that Knokerry,buttonstick its not a an assured equip to be bragging for when you see danger stray off th scene,these thugs will be reeling for your blood ukafa u are irreplaceable,but car battery roswera ratengwa rimwe plus imarii yaungatofira papurazi apo rest in peace elder

mafia 1 month ago

magaurd masahwira angus mukaona maingwa nematsotsi akadai tizai zvimwe zvinhu zvamunorwira zviri insured asi zivai kuti imi hamusi...tsvimbo nembwa ngazvitokubatsira kutiza

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

That's a crazy comment by inspector Mudembe.Very crazy in deed .Does he know mob justice and it's results? Assuming pple hve mobilised and the robbers fight bck there is going to be death on both sides and those that wld hve taken part in killing the robbers will be arrested.

The police shld simply do their job.That is what they are paid for.If the pay is not enough they shld know where to vote .

Vladimir llyich 1 month ago

For sure nowadays these Robbers won't spare a life ...we need to play safe sometimes playing Mr HERO results in great concequancies whilst the Police will be waiting for the results ...just like waiting to hear the EPL soccer results , Corrupt Police we have in Zim


Chen 1 month ago

Don't think with your emotions bro... , transformer yepapurazi ikabiwa hapachina magetsi. Ndokuti all activities will be on halt i.e irrigation, incubation etc l guess basa revashandi avaa harirambe riripo. Hanzi if you think of approaching them approach them in large numbers rather than a situation yekuti iwewe nemukadzi wakoo.

Starship 1 month ago

Yaa those weapons dzavanenge vanadzo adzizi dzekuvhundutsira baa yu are on point those guys dont hesitate to kill at all

John 1 month ago

So you are ready to die about a transformer. Like living a few weeks or even months without one is unbearable😂. My advice is even in large numbers not approach a gang of these people. Most of them are gwejas and they are not afraid of scuffles. They will try to resist all 100 of you and you best believe they will take a few of you with them. This people are crazy. Are you prepared to be part of the few. Now this is just me, people are free to waste their lives however they please, but personally, I'm calling the police and leaving it at that

John 1 month ago

In other words the ZRP wants you to do their work for them. I would like to invite the public to not mobilising for anything, that's for the police to do. These thugs will kill you, and for what, property that is not even yours. And the police will not even attend your funeral let alone pay for it. If I see people stealing copper wires, trust me, I'm not interfering with that. Imagine dying for a few kilos of copper wire that's not even yours. People need to start valuing their lives more. You think telone will care that you died protecting their property. You think they will take care of your family once you die from stab wounds, think again.

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