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Armed Robbers Burn Harare Businessman

Armed Robbers Burn Harare Businessman

A Harare businessman was burnt with an iron by five armed robbers who broke into his Waterfalls home on Sunday night.

Ronnie Chihota (74) of Ronden Motor Spares, and two other people Eunice Saratira (30) and Hazel Marufu (24) were rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital for medical examination following the attack.

The robbers went away with cash, mobile phones and a Toyota Hiace loaded with property worth US$24 000.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident. He said:

Police are conducting investigations where six people were attacked by five unknown robbers demanding money at a house in Waterfalls.

Five armed robbers were reported to have removed precast wall panels to gain entry into the house yard.

They broke a windowpane, cut burglar bars using a bolt cutter and gained entry into the house.

They tied their victims with pieces of cloths on their hands and assaulted them demanding cash.

One of the victims had a pistol pointed at him and one of the robbers switched on an electrical iron and scalded the complainant demanding more cash.

The robbers searched and took a Toyota Hiace (AFO 0669) car keys and loaded the loot with a total value of US$24 000.

Other properties lost included colour television sets, cellphones and DSTV explorer decoders.

They left the victims tied and locked in the rooms.

Ass Comm Nyathi warned criminals that they may hide but the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them.

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Tihove 5 months ago

Pro 29:16 KJV When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall.

Gaffer 5 months ago


Kanda 5 months ago

Maretired ese ngadzosere pfuti dzavanadzo

Chief 5 months ago

Guys pfuti idzi dzakabuda pa operation restore legacy cz vakangopa masoja ma ak ayo vasina kunyora of 2018 kwainzi over 4500 rifles are missing ED he's to blame but the problem is not his n remember he's hunting with hired dogs. Lets pray zviite ngavatengere police mota ma armoured nemamwe ma gears ekumberi even nema drones to monitor ma places

Taflo 5 months ago

PRESIDENT ED has failed the country nometr how darkness or shine is he try to allocate he has failed

Tentin 5 months ago

Pake papera

Tentin 5 months ago

We should have lengthy jail terms for these robbers or even death sentences.

KuJeri Vanhu ngavaitiswe basa: hard labour chaiyo. Izvi zvekuti vanoswera vagere, muchivati D-class ngazvipere.

Munhu ngaazvive kuti akabatwa, pake papers.


Chamatams 5 months ago

Vakai mamwe majeri kure kure. Muzvikande ikoko zvima criminals. Not a day passes these days without hearing some bizarre happenings by criminals. Raping,robberies,murders etc. Kudhara zvaive zvishoma. Iyezvino unoto tenda mwari ukamuka musina kubirwa.Saka toti kudii nhai? Vakuru is guarded so he doesn't feel it. Kutadza ikoko. Va Nyathi ma warnings enyu isnot enough, haazi kubatsira. Get into action fast. Kutonga kwaro?????? Zvakukuomerai here?????

Shampoo 5 months ago

It's true. ED have failed the country. It started when he allowed deported criminals from South Africa jail and other countries to go to their homes instead of jail. Now see what is happening. Our country has turned into criminalised South Africa.

Kanda 5 months ago

These people vamunoti retired colonel retired chakazodai why do they keep those arms carch more over murikuvapa nzungu in pensions don't you think that they are now hiring out those guns kumarobbers look at Botswana last month a former president was told to surrender all his guns to the government imi moti munhu agare ne5 maAK 47 munyika inenhamo kudai vachiziva vanhu vaneUS rese they make a plan

Miles 5 months ago

Absolutely, this country is no longer safe you count yourself lucky each day you wake up to live another day without being mugged by these ruthless criminals. Where are we heading as a country? That's the big question??

The Nerd 5 months ago

We don't know where they are getting these guns from. Apart from material loss suffered, there's emotional trauma associated with these experiences.

Cobra King 5 months ago

ED you have failed the country.

Fanuel 5 months ago

@Nkust: I also share the same sentiments. Guys, the Zimbabwe we used to know didn't have so much loose weapons in circulation. Could it be that some state security agents or defense personnel with access to guns as part of their jobs are turning into criminals at night...this minute it's unmarked vehicle, the next it's guns and and unidentified professionals armed robbers. There's something weird and fishy about this. Guns everywhere!!!! From where???? Are our borders that porous now???? This is very worrisome. Is Zim turning into another South Africa? This issue of guns and ruthless armed robbers ummm ummm ummm. Like Masendeke and Chidhumo of the 90s are back on an avenging spree.

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Ndo type isingashandisi border but either way border rakadhakwa haro

Nkust 5 months ago

I've an idea about these robbers nekuti zvanyanya izvi, ko investigation yadii kutangira kuvakuru vezve security ivo ma assistance commissioners aya do you trust them can these lawyers for human rights apply to have the hierarchy ye security Chiefs iitwe investigation from ass com going down i can smell a rat

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