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Archbishop Of Canterbury Condemns Britain's Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda

Archbishop Of Canterbury Condemns Britain's Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the spiritual leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion of about 85 million Christians, has condemned a British plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Delivering a sermon on Easter Sunday at Canterbury Cathedral, Justin Welby said the British Government’s policy to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda is unethical and did not stand “the judgment of God”. He said:

The details are for politics and politicians. The principle must stand the judgment of God and it cannot.

It cannot carry the weight of our national responsibility as a country formed by Christian values, because sub-contracting out our responsibilities, even to a country that seeks to do well like Rwanda, is the opposite of the nature of God who himself took responsibility for our failures.

Under the deal, which has been widely condemned, Rwanda would take responsibility for asylum-seekers, put them through an asylum process, and at the end of that process, if they are successful, they will have long-term accommodation in Rwanda.

According to the UK Home Office, this will tackle illegal migration, control the country’s borders and crack down on the criminal gangs exploiting the international crisis.  

Last year, more than 28 000 migrants and refugees crossed the English Channel from mainland Europe to Britain.

Twenty-seven (27) migrants drowned when their dinghy deflated in November.

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chinya 3 weeks ago

we can't separate religion and politics...Boris must drop the plan

ADVOCATE 1 month ago

You Can't separate Religion from Politics

chamvari 1 month ago

doctrine rinonzi election by grace dai mairiziva musina nharo nezviri pa earth pano

Miss A 1 month ago

Of which its a good thing.

Bachelor A 1 month ago

Miss A you are now my more politics wazvinzwa


intel 1 month ago

another man of the cloth meddling in political affairs

Rwanda 1 month ago

ngavauye kuno kuRwanda vasevenze rough kagame wants workaholics here

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

BORIS JOHNSON must drop his plan to export British asylum seekers to Rwanda. Most people , including members of his Political Party, have disputed the plan. ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, who is the spiritual of the ANGLICAN CHURCH world over, has joined the debate. He has said the plan is inhumane. He urged BORIS JOHNSON to

CIO 1 month ago

seems he is very sensitive because asylum seekers from Zimbabwe if they come to Rwanda I will get them varakashi tiriko

Chiurai 1 month ago

Kana kuri safe bhoo ma deals

ccc supporter 1 month ago

ndiri kukuonayi mzanu munotsigira Russia muchama ma nessanction

rigster general 1 month ago

kubvira 1990 tiri mu rigging mode munorigwa chete mukasarigwa muchamhanya imi

rigwai chaizvo 1 month ago

tinongoriga tichingoriga

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