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Apostolic Sect Member Says It's An Offence To Receive Medical Treatment

Apostolic Sect Member Says It's An Offence To Receive Medical Treatment

A member of the Johanne Marange Apostolic sect says it is an offence for any of their members to receive medical treatment.

Dorcas Mhere (47), the senior wife of Clever Maveto, said they have been using holy water, salt and cooking oil to cure all her children when they fall ill since the early 1980s.

The Maveto family, from Bikita District in Masvingo Province, is accused of burying children in a mass grave after they allegedly succumbed to measles.

Reports claimed Maveto (67), a polygamist, buried his children, aged one, three and four years – as well as a 10-month-old toddler – under the cover of darkness after they allegedly succumbed to measles-related complications last month.

Maveto has, however, refuted the allegations saying he is prepared to let anyone exhume the bodies to see for themselves that there were no mass graves at his homestead.

Meanwhile, Mhere told H-Metro that she has never been to a hospital and depends on prayers and help from prophets. She said:

It is not allowed for one to seek medical attention. You just pray for whatever illness you’re facing or consult the prophet for help.

We only use holy water, cooking oil and salt, depending on the prophet’s instructions.

When a child is born, we perform a ritual to protect the baby from measles.

For other ailments, like a running stomach, we use fresh milk and Coca-Cola, to cleanse the body.

Alice Chiyambiro, Mhere’s sister, said they also use a mixture of lemons, cooking oil and warm water for healing infants with fontanelle problems (nhova).

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Comic 5 months ago

The president's best friends

Sorojena 5 months ago

I feel pity for these people. God assist those who seek assistance. Prayer alone can never cure a disease.

@Sorojena 4 months ago

I feel pity for you for God only exists in your mind and like them think that holy water can cure illness.

,. 5 months ago

Ndiyo Church inopinda Manyengavana nemhuri yake.

Bindula 5 months ago

Anochengeta munhu ndimwari asi mwari mumwechete iyeye ndiye anotipa ma scientists nema doctor anovandudza hupenyu hwedu.
Zvimwe zvinongodawo kuvhura meso

Matt 4 months ago

You can say that again

Doug 5 months ago

Why is it that their members with high political positions go to hospitals when they fall ill, and, all their children will have had all the vaccinations?

Duke of Celestial 5 months ago

That's y muchivhorera zanu pf you're very foo lish y'all going to die

Kule Kule 5 months ago

bato nemikhando yevatsigiri varo


Tintin 5 months ago

the wise thing to do is to put the measles vaccine in fresh milk and coca cola.

mwenewazvo 5 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 ehe ndokuzvipedza

caiphus 5 months ago

and how is coca cola made off kkkkkkkkk thick headed apostool

Apostool 5 months ago



Does Zimbabwe have laws dealing with pandemics ? If it has, is Police using those laws to persuade Apostolic Church members to take their children to hospital for treatment and if they do not those kids to the hospital, arrest and prosecute them.

Zimbabwe must do everything in its power to convince members of the Apostolic Church to take their children to hospital when they fall I'll by measles or any other pandemic.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

tongwai 4 months ago

well there is freedom of worship in the constitution ndosaka vachitoita vekunyengerera

Worzell Gummidge. 4 months ago

Yes, Zimbabwe has the Public Health Act. The public Health Act can be used to declare a public health emergency wherein all Zimbabweans regardless of religion or whatever persuasion are compelled by law to comply with any directive imposed by the Ministry of health including immunisations & vaccinations. Sadly, the Public Health Act is still to be aligned with the Constitution of Zimbabwe since 2013. The problem is, our leaders rely on the support of the Mapostan'a who who give them massive votes. So they look the other way when the white robbed cult members refuse immunisation. However some apostolic sects are progressive & they embrace medical science. The Constitution also curtails rights during public & national emergencies. Maybe there there hasn't been a Public health emergency pertaining to measles yet. Remember that COVID regulations where imposed using the Public Health Act and the WHO guidelines where turned into Statutory Instruments under the PHA.

Observer 5 months ago

So this is what you give the president "holy water, cooking oil & salt, milk & Coca-Cola" while he is wearing a skirt & carrying a stick........agh shame zimbabwe

Skibiri 5 months ago

Typical of us as Africans we easily fool one another. With these latest diseases like cancer , covid ... Surely these Apostles will perish like cockroaches

Christian 4 months ago

Learn more about the natural methods than blaming the sect. Vakakubaya boost re covid vanototi shandisai ma Lemon, so ate these guys. mvura chaiyo inorapa sickness without attending to clinic. Now ur friends are busy testing there drugs on u desperate sickers. **** with mapostori news zvakangofanana nekuti Zanu yatibira asi muchiziva kjti penalty inohwinisa team

inini 4 months ago

kwa Mai chisamba tinoti varoverei maoko ,,maonero avo

Zimbo 4 months ago

with this kind of mentality unobva watoona kuti hapana kwatirikuenda

Joe Brownn 4 months ago

Denying children medical attention is tantamount to satanism. Kana ivo vanhu vakuru vasngade kurapwa they must allow their innocent children medical attention. If they keep behaving like animals the Gvt must arrest them without hesitation.

Muyuti 4 months ago

but imbogayayi...these pipo are probably some of the healthiest pipo in zim...or globally.. their immune sys is pure and untainted... yes the methods are extreme..and seem cruel..kufa kwevana nekudini..but vanosara vanenge vakasimba..they have long lifespan..than most vanobaiwa..even..pakaita vanovaashuwira vese kuti vafe they still live on...pamwe one day we will need help from these peoples uncorrupted systems kuti pagadzirwe cure ...who knoz.....although kuzoti their leaders go to hospitals ivo vachirambidzwa..yha...but..zvonzi chesse chine zvachakanakira nekuipira..mheno..kufunga kwangu hangu ndichipisa danda

Tswetswe 4 months ago

Mayuti angati ndiko kufunga kwangu ?. Kufunga ikoko ?.Haufunge iwe.. Asi unosvuta mbanje?

Gwedu 4 months ago

These are the highest level of brain wash. They are really captured by religion. Karl Max once said religion is an opium for the poor. Hosea said my people are dying because of lack of knowledge. These people needs a serious awareness and an intervention to de tocicate their mindset. They are dying alive. The world is moving forward and 20th century is over now we are close to the quarter of the 21st century. New disease are discovered, new medicine are discovered, new skills and ideas are discovered. but people are keeping captured by the nonsensical ideological thinking. My worry is zanu. it smiles watching on children dying for political gains. Out country needs a serious help form religion to politics. Religion is captured for toxic political gains. Politics is weaponized to impoverish people. Judiciary is weaponized to subjugate innocent and democratic people....Guys let's stand together, new ideas new strategies.Zanu must fall. ..

Bhuru 4 months ago

But imbopagaya...these pipo myt be some vane the strongest imune systrm in zim or globaly...
vanotamba nenatural tings(mostly) plus their ayatem is not contaminated or tainted ..
they actualy have long lifespan than most vanoti hee hoapital.Yes the methods seem cruel n wrong ..kufa kwevana n pipo but..kunosara vakasimba(strong breeds).
.vamwe vachitoti vese vachfa but honai kuwanda kwavo uye gudhu health...
asi kuzoti vorambidzwa kuenda kuchipatara nemunhu anoenda..mmm
But hanzi chese chine zvachakanakira nekuipira
Pamwe tichatozoda help frm these pipo's imune sys kuti tigadzire kiyuwa..sinsi yavo iri piyuwa
Mheno...kufunga kwangu hangu ndichipisa danda

Naruto 4 months ago

What a bunch of gibberish garbage. Heee panosara fittest kudii?
Saka unoti God created people kuti pasare maStrong breeds Here kana kuti He made people kuti tese to worship his name?
He even gave us doctors for that purpose so that we get professional help when we're sick. He gave intelligence to people to create vaccines and medicines to treat us kana tarwara and also prevent us from getting sick too.

These fxckers need to be banned chete. Kick them out to South Africa ukoko varauyiwe neDudula coz no one in Zim wants their kids to die because of an **** in white robes asingadi kuVaccinater mwana wake.

I hate these fools

Bhuru 4 months ago

Wangu Naruto...kungoti wapindira hako wakatsika ghiya imoshinari
Mwari anemareasons ake aanosikira vanhu..kufa Kuriko futi
Asi kuzoti isu tizode kujhajha neku...katanda karimuziso wangu
Tarisa zvikuitwa mumakereke mazuva ano..varombo varikubiirwa..vanamai nanababa kusiiwa in poverty nemunhu akapfeka sutu...kuitiswa..wozonzwa vanhu vaita suwisaidhi kana kuti mwana akupisa danda seni
Pamwe kungoti ndazvitarisawo ndichigaya mombe dzandavharira..mastrong breeds..but pagaye span yevanhu ava compared kune vanovimba newhite medicine
Handina kuti medicine yakaipa...but COVID yakaita ndizvibvunze zvakawanda wangu...tarira vese vaibaiwa majority yavo kudonha kwayaiita..wotarisa team iro ...nekusabaiwa kwaro...raisadonha zvekumhanya
Tarisa ratio dzacho wangu

Pastor 4 months ago

I team ra anti Christu Iri!

Bhuru 4 months ago

Waangu...waangu...maAnti Christ sandiwo atozara mumakereke here..achibira varombo nekuita zviito.....nyatsopagaya wangu

Ndini renyu rakapotsa chembha 4 months ago


coca cola 4 months ago

coke cola ndeye mapositori

Naruto 4 months ago

Vana Queen Elizabeth lived to 96 years of age because vaipota vachienda kumaDoctors kunowana maTreatments, kwete nonsense dzenyu dzekuti munhu anoshandisa colgate neCoco-Cola. Wakambonzwa Coco-Cola inonzi nemaDoctor usamwe kana uine maUlcers ichinzi inorapa munhu?
I'm tired ini, innocent children who could live to 50 years of age die young just because of foolish parents. Chero vanaRussia neChina vaccinate their children and they don't believe in God zvekudaro saka chii chashamisira pamapenzi anoita sangano pamuti kuti they mustn't vaccinate their children?
Hakuna zvakadaro. Ladies and gentlemen, let's capture these kids and drag them to be vaccinated coz we'll have our own kids infected and die takangotarisa.
If not then every person who refuses to vaccinate their kids should be sent to the farms nerusvava chake vafira ikoko kumunda or die kuSouth Africa.

Bhuru 4 months ago

But wangu...queen Elizabeth ukapagaya unoti vaisashandisa pure natural ingredients dzavaiba from dzimwe nyika here kuti vatsike kuma90...china..afrika..etc..ukapagaya zvavaipuwa hazviwanikwe mumahospitals ekuUK...coz dai vaipinda any hospital...zvaingonzi ndezvaqueen...kwete vip kana mp kana rich nhingi..but queen
Poita isue yekufa kwevana..kune vakungorarama izvezvi vakafa Wani...the living dead...zvimwe zvacho zvichagona zviri bias futi pachitym tym...tisangogashire zvese tichiti ichokwadi..look both sydes
Ivo vanarussia nana...vatoriwo nemaextrimists ekowo
Kungoti handizivi zvoofambiswa sei hangu nevemagemenzi but handifunge vese vanoshandisa cocakora method yarehwa...chete gudo rikaba..zvoonzi makudo aba
But iro rakasvetuka COVID kunge skipping rope..vamwe muchizadza maclinic
Ndo pakuita ndigaye wangu...nekuti akording to iri were supposed to be whipped out by COVID since vaisabaiwa...ndo theori ka...but hona paground wangu...hona vise versa dzacho wangu

Matt 4 months ago

i agree with you... cholera yakambouya futi vakaita murakatira kufa... imajeni kuti of all the provinces Manicaland ine more tha 50% yafa necovid

Matt 4 months ago

i agree with you... cholera yakambouya futi vakaita murakatira kufa... imajeni kuti of all the provinces Manicaland ine more tha 50% yafa nemeasles

Afrika yedu 4 months ago

Mmm ndapererwa regai Africa inzi dark continent akomana in this era some people are still **** and foolish zveku believer zvisina basa ndo imbwa dzovhotera zanu futi

Ccc 4 months ago

Zvekuvhota azvina kana basa religion yevanhu ahina basa .ndosaka mukutambudzika muharare vapfana I love zanu and johhane marange but I don't vote or go to church .mumudha wemunhu 1 munogona kuita vana 7 below 3 so if two die I don't see a problem first calculate mortality rate and death rate masuscum imi

mupostori 4 months ago

these apostolic sects they are cults

Majority Rule 4 months ago

Ndosaka zanu ichivashandisa nekuti vakazungaira mapositori

Mimrod 4 months ago

Mapositiri ndiwo arikudzorera nyika kumas**** ngaingovharwa church yacho zvavari kuita hazvisi zvekunamata

putin 4 months ago


Tkt says 4 months ago

As much as you may shout, you don't listen 👂 you guys
Isu MAPOSITORA takaku udzai kuti hatisi kuzobaiwa nhomba dzeCOVID bcoz it will die out a natural death
I even gave you a timeline or the days at which COVID will be no more mukandi idza benzi
Since early last year, I said COVID will be dead by JULY 2022 and lo, where is it now?
As for measles kwenyu kuda Lula maningi nesombonyo zvokutadza kuchengetedza vana here?
Spare Sombonyo for a week and see kuti haararame here? After all its healthy for you two papa & mama when you restart your game baba vanonga vakagwinya kuita chigwindiri mai mode kufa ngeku nakirwa

Chemusango 4 months ago

ngavaverenge bible zvakanaka

Knivesout 3 months ago

Verse Ani?

Chemusango 4 months ago

Vakapusa.Ngavaverenge bible mushe

chemusango 4 months ago


fifi 4 months ago

munhu waunoti haazive anoziva , anoziva uya haazive. regai ararame akadaro nokuti ndizvo zvamusvitsa paari nhasi kkkkkkkkk mapositori vari kumberi -mberi

fifi 4 months ago

true believer kkkkkkk

Ccc 4 months ago

Apana munhu anorambidza munhu kuenda kuhospital ended apana munhu anondidzinga church weather ndaenda or not but munhu anoita zvaanoda nelyf yake .siyanai nechurch yevanhu .pindula nyora news dzine musoro kwete kuswerera tunyaya tusina basa .I don't see problem with johhane marange

mubocha wekwamutare 3 months ago

Mapositori akapusa maningi ndosaka mubhaibheri mwainga naana chiremba(Luke)airape anhu

2 months ago

Imhuka idzi🛂

Buju 2 months ago

Science has brought more harm than good mapositori ari right 100% chifafu zvauri kuti zvakavhenekwa nana mazvikokota ipoiso kuvanhu rimwe gore kwakaita debate remvura inoiswa choline zvakasapera zvakanga tarisai zvirwere zvawanda zvisinganzwisisike munonyanya kukambira zvakauya nevauyi mwari haashanduke

George Madiro 1 month ago

Shame maningi stereck

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