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Another Zimbabwean Man Killed In South Africa

Another Zimbabwean Man Killed In South Africa

Another Zimbabwean man was killed by a mob last Tuesday in Midrand,  South Africa after he allegedly attempted to hijack a car on Allandale Road near Chloorkop open field.

Limukani Ndikinya Ndebele from Nkay, Matabeleland North, reportedly got behind the wheel of the car they were trying to hijack but he failed to start the car and as a result other motorists, who had seen what was happening, pounced on him.

Seeing that Limukani was in trouble, his accomplices drove away, leaving him at the mercy of the mob.

Limukani is said to have tried to flee on foot but the mob caught him and severely beat him.

He was later found in an open space with an open wound on his head and a broken arm.

Sergeant Dipelo Moremi of the Rabie Ridge South African Police Services said:

The now deceased was trying to hijack a car with his two friends but they failed to do so because the mob started fighting them, his two friends used their car to escape from the scene while he tried taking the victim’s car to escape using it.

He failed to start the engine and the mob chased him and he was found dead,.

He revealed that the police were hunting for the escaped accomplices.

The motorist, who survived the hijack, positively identified Limukani.

Meanwhile, Nomazulu Ndebele, Limukani’s sister said she was failing to come to terms with the development. She said:

I still don’t believe that my brother is gone just like that. It’s like a dream to me. We are yet to make arrangements for his burial.

She said they were held up by the Easter holidays.

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ferty 2 months ago

its now crystal clear that SA media houses are exposing Zimbi to give a positive motion that Zimbos must leave SA
contarry most Zimbos are unwilling to repent on their old tactic of hijack,cash in transit ,atm bombing

The only permanent solution is to sort political crisis of Zim the rest will follow

iam realiably informed that in future most Zimbos will fail to take their savings or properties due to pressure of this Dudula operation

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

They wont build schools anymore, all they will build is prison prison.
Akadaro Lucky Dube isu tika jaiva but YK2 youths have the signs of the song now...

??? 2 months ago

It pains that a soul has been lost but mamwe madhiri chimbomirai vakomana, motomboti tyo kudzikama. Shiri dzakabvuta rhekeni.

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Theftl is a crime, but murder is more heinous/serious than theft. It pains me to hear that Police Officer empasising that Police is now seized with arresting the other two car hackers as if those who murdered the car jacker had not committed any crime. Instant Justice is being encouraged by AARON MOTSOLAEDI, Minister of Home Affairs. This man is evil.


zZonoro 2 months ago

uyu home afairs minister wavo ngaamboita shura rekushanya muzimbàbwe timbomufulawo

nzunzu 2 months ago

muvhimi anourawa nemhuka


THE HAGUE 2 months ago

International justice

YELLOW CARD 2 months ago

situation in Zim gave birth to a breed of thieves even in Zim armed robbery and murder cases has gone so high

dem dead 2 months ago

mbavha ngairohwe

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago

Mhosva dzese dzakungoitika muSA dzakungonzi maZimba dzokai hama tivhote takawanda musati mapera 1 by 1 sezvamuri kuitwa izvo

1334 2 months ago

vari kuparamura

toshie 2 months ago

zvakawoma wena iiih

Gogodera 2 months ago

mbavha demote chero kuno dzarura vanhu vachapedxisira vakungouraya

Nyaku 2 months ago

Munitinyadzisa, Zimbo are known as hardworkers mhani dzoja tigadzire nyika

zZonoro 2 months ago

yedu inotogoda kuti munhu wese avhote chete

Dr Zvazviri 2 months ago

Ko munobireiwo zvevanhu?Uko munopera uko ..

Nyikadzino 2 months ago

South Africans are now the ones crushing lice...#tsikidzi

makhalima 2 months ago

hama dzangu dzokai zviri nani tishupike zvedu tirimuno pane kupedzwa kwamuri kuitwa

politics 2 months ago

U dnt need a degree to know tht yu need to leave SA

Cooper 2 months ago

Dzokai hama dzangu zvinoshungurudza izvi

chamutengure 2 months ago

very sor chingodzokai kumba zvomoperera muriko kujoza

honzero 2 months ago

vakutsvaga mamwe masuspects ko vakaponda ponda munhu zvarvo mmmmm pakaipa ndosharia law manje iyi

Chigutiro 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk sharia law kuSA hr

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