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Another Harare Man Commits Suicide By Shooting Himself In The Head

Another Harare Man Commits Suicide By Shooting Himself In The Head

A 59-year-old Harare man committed suicide Friday morning after he shot himself once in the head with a gun at his house in Gunhill.

The man has been identified as George Nigel Rennie.

The Herald reports that Rennie shot himself in his bedroom while his wife Mitchelle Kim Rennie (58) was in the kitchen which is located downstairs.

The incident occurred between 7.15 am and 8.30 am while the couple was preparing to go out

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Luckson Chakanza confirmed the incident and said investigations were still in progress. He said they will release more details soon concerning the case. Chikanza said:

We are investigating a case in which a 59-year-old man, George Nigel Rennie, shot himself in the head with a gun inside his bedroom.

There are unconfirmed reports that Rennie had been suffering from depression.

Suicide cases continue to increase countrywide.

The incident comes after a Harare Ximex Mall dealer, Tafadzwa Murengwa, alias Boss Pangolin, last week committed suicide after shooting and killing his girlfriend along Simon Mazorodze Road after accusing her of cheating him with a married man.

On Wednesday, a Harare bouncer, Takudzwa Mutaguta (22), allegedly committed suicide by consuming cyanide at a local hotel along Samora Machel Avenue following claims that he was having marital problems with his wife.

Mutaguta’s father confirmed receiving a suicidal WhatsApp message on August 1 at 7.23 pm.

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Smith 1 week ago

if I had gun I could have committed suicide

W. G... 1 week ago

Yeah right "Marijuana fool" keep smoking 🚬 weed, the day you die God and heaven will not exist for they will fade away and decompose like your smoked brain. 😂

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

@Didyouknow. FOOLS say in their hearts there is no God. A reggae tune by Ritchie Spice goes like; 🎺🎺🎸🎻 "When you find JAH all troubles are over - for real. When you find LOVE all your bills are covered - you'll see. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Jah - And everything shall be added after..."🎧🎧 Di Almighty real mann.

The Black Man 1 week ago

Stay strong God created you for a reason.You are a solution that some one is looking for.There are people who look at you and feel encouraged.Peace be with you

Didyouknow 1 week ago

There is no such thing as God.
God only exists in the minds of those gullible's who believe God exists.

dispenser 1 week ago

fellow comrades .We have got a lot of changes in our lives .I myself could it have been ,I should have killed myself long back. My advice to yu is understand that this life wc we live belongs to God . whether yu go to church or not. Did yu know that suicide is a big crime against Almighty God . He wld rather forgive someone who killed ,who commit serious crimes but not suicide. A lot of mankind live examples and e Lord heard them lastly. lustfulness of earthly material is e root cause of evil. when ever a situation , scenario is not providing live it to God ,do just say God will take care and move on .In Jah I believe.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

@Smith, you don't necessarily need a gun to successfully execute a suicide. Even your shoe lace is enough to do the job for you !!

Smith 1 week ago

if I had gun I could have

inini 4ox 1 week ago

I wish I could kill a dead person .and I would refill vese vanozviuraya

Smith 1 week ago

theoretically yes practice . no kuyayilahla

Smith 1 week ago

we have many problems

rekill 1 week ago

kutangidza kuueaya mapenzi

Smith 1 week ago

you will see one day


Naruto 1 week ago

Before those conspiracy theorists go about saying it's the end time or this person commited suicide because he's **** or they'd never kill themselves no matter how bad life got...let me first put you down to earth

Suicide associated with depression happens at the event where the person feels like there's no one who'd genuinely understand them nor they're existence doesn't matter to anyone. They mustn't be mocked or made to feel like they're crazy or none of that stuff. Just tell them that no matter what they're feeling, you're gonna be there for them. You can't understand the agony they're going through but you love them and their lives matter to you because they're valuable not only to their families, friends and children but also the world as a whole.

To those who call themselves Christians:
Treat those who're struggling with mental health the same way Jesus would've treated them. Give them love, kindness, compassion, support, sympathy and companionship.
Do not make fun of them.
Do not regard them as weak nor pathetic.
Do not insult them.
Do not criticise them.
Do not compare their lives to anyone else.
Do not tell them "Haa zvichazoita bho."
Do not go around saying it's evil spirits or ancestral spirits.
Do not preach at them.
Just pray for them the same way you'd want someone to pray for you.

The_truth 1 week ago

🙏 Mmmm he prayed religiously for help his whole life.... sadly his prayers were never answered before he died a miserable death. Do not be fooled for prayers are just wishful thinking.

Jinn 1 week ago

Well said my guy, killing your self in not the solution, every situation come to pass

Fourth hokage 1 week ago

Wise words young one

Anonymous 1 week ago

Vatongi vedu vazvitadza

I would like 1 week ago

to open a business kekuti ⁵wese akuda kuzviuraya ndokubetserai kuzviuraya kuti unopinda denga

mercy killings (Pvt) 1 week ago

we kill you b4 u kill yourself

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Ndakazvitaura kuti vane mari vanotambura
vorombo vagere mushe 😂

kim 1 week ago

ma effects ezvigunwe aya

Ginious 1 week ago

ingozi dzikuvapedza vanhu ava vepfuti ava.

twabam 1 week ago

@smith fukuz bulala Boi ?..phasa phela i# the babe lakho

Truth 1 week ago

Guys this thing is slowly coming to normal

dispenser 1 week ago

I personally have got many problems in my life but the mentality of committing suicide have never crossed my mind. My advice to yu fellow comrades is whether yu go to church or not .This life wc we live belongs to God ,it is a blessing or shld l say miracle to wake up alive everyday. Our problem we don't know who we are ,there are a lot of mankind who have suffered more than we do ,but lastly God showed his hand .did yu know that suicide is a big crime against e Almighty God. In Jah I believe.

Naruto 1 week ago

Stop lying
The biggest sin against God is blaspheme against the Holy Spirit yakanzi it's the unpardonable sin.

Bvongie 1 week ago

Most suicide are caused by relationships.

sugar boy 1 week ago

he had no money to spend since they were preparing to go out.

Favour 1 week ago

@ Did you know. Only a fool says there is no God.

Jinn 1 week ago

The one who created the heaven and the earth is God,the one who created stones, trees,water,rivers, mountains and oceans,the air we breathe is God we are talking of here.Pray in any language,or even silent prayers he can still answer you silently.

Gunhill 1 week ago

Dzidzai kugara nzvimbo dzinemazita kwawo

mashurà 1 week ago

uyu Didyouknow ngaatigadzirirewo shizha rimwe zvaro kana musina Mwari.

mashura 1 week ago

uyu anonzi Didyouknow ngaatigadzirirewo shizha rimwe zvaro kana kusina mwari

Takudzwa jena 1 week ago

haaa idzi dzinonzi Didyouknow dzorwara idzi dzikuda kungopfudzwawo ahh

Sabhuku 1 week ago

@Smith no kind words for you, niggers die everyday, just check out

kakarot 1 week ago

what if he was killed by someone else? 1. he man had unconfirmed deprdepressin issues 2. he never left a suicide note. most suiciders leave note for the why 3. they where only two in the house, when someone suicide he usually go away from the public.

to my opinion this case is supposed to be a suspected murder case.

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