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Andy Muridzo Responds To Reports Saying He Caught Mai Keketso Cheating

Andy Muridzo Responds To Reports Saying He Caught Mai Keketso Cheating

Afro-fusion musician, Andy Muridzo, has dismissed reports suggesting his wife, Chido Manyange, better known as Mai Keketso, is cheating.

The Dherira hitmaker said the rumours were being peddled by detractors who do not want “to see him happy”.

The couple reunited a few months ago after spending some time apart, during whichMuridzo publicly flirted with two different women on different occasions, both of whom he promised to marry.

Recent reports allege that Andy Muridzo recently got hold of steamy messages between Mai Keketso and his former manager.

And the reports further suggest that this is not the first time the talented singer has caught his wife offside. In fact, it is alleged that this was the reason they separated in the first place.

However, the musician said he was dumbfounded by the rumours. He said:

To be honest, I was shocked by the gossip. Those are just false and malicious statements being spread by my detractors. They are against my happiness and want to see me suffer.

I know some are wishing me bad, but I have no problem with my wife at the moment. We are enjoying every moment of our love life.

Mai Keketso said she was not in the least concerned by the rumours. She said:

We are being targeted by jealous people who are not happy to see us together. They are trying every trick possible to separate us again. However, I say shame on them. We are now inseparable till death do us apart.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Pipi 5 months ago

I am so sorry to hear that your wife has been cheating on you. Andy ndirini iwewe ndayichimaamisa chi Killer T .muudze kuti ask mukadzi wajo haanake pa kuita chochocho

Did I 5 months ago

Ichooooooo Andy bhadharisa benzi iron imagination wabata kuti you wife is cheating on you l will buy a gun and shoot them all does he has no a wife l will report to the nearly police

Daniel Chimsuri 6 months ago

Mukadzi wake aka shudwa beans

Ziko 6 months ago

Akasvirirwa mukadzi uyo

s class 6 months ago

kubhadara chiiko chokwadi arikuchiziva muridzo uyo

Black Jack 6 months ago

Zvinonzi there is no smoke without fire Andy. Enda unobhadhara ma Investigators. Ndizvo zvazvaka nakira. Pama investigators.Chokwadi chinobuda pachena.


Dydimus 6 months ago

Icho! Charira👉👌

Chogu fire03°^∆ 6 months ago

Akadyiswa Andy anodakunyebedzera kungwaraa nganwe wetii yakee myb anonyatsoona zvirikuitikaa.....

Mdara Odza 6 months ago

Ukaona ma rumours ekuti mukadzi wako arikukwirwa ibva waziva kuti arikukwirwa zvemashuwa. In short ndirikuti ichokwadi kuti Mai Keketso varikukwirwa

Tv 6 months ago

Tr uhh

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