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AN Fertiliser Shortage Hits Zimbabwe

AN Fertiliser Shortage Hits Zimbabwe

Farmers in Zimbabwe say they are experiencing an acute shortage of fertilizer, NewsDay reports.

One Bulilima farmer told the publication:

“We risk experiencing acute food shortages due to inadequate fertilisers. Government should urgently import fertilisers to avert the disaster. If no measures are put in place, farmers risk producing poor yields,”

Another farmer in from Chirumanzu said:

“The crops are at wilting stage. We are appealing to government to provide us with AN fertiliser as soon as possible. We only received 43% of AN, of which it’s not enough.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union commented on the issue: 

There has been a shortage of AN fertiliser in the market, and this is mainly due to the supply and geopolitical issues happening in Eastern Europe. The prices are also out of reach because there is more demand. Farmers are failing to access fertiliser, but alternatively we are urging them to use urea fertiliser to avoid the disaster.

Farmers must also use organic fertilisers. With the current crisis, farmers must take this opportunity to use other alternatives which helps to recondition the soil and improve its fertility. Every season we have challenges with AN fertiliser and there is demand during this time. So farmers should learn to use other alternatives rather than wait for the key fertilisers.

Lands and Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka commented:

 “Government is expecting 80 000 metric tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate. We have so far received 43 000 metric tonnes and we are hurrying the importation of AN. We are also activating the local supply, and so I expect that there will be an accelerated delivery of AN here in four or five days of the additional AN that is required.” 

Zimbabwe is in the middle of its maize agriculture season and the crop typically requires Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer during this time. Maize is the staple of the country and is farmed by the majority of the farmers.

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Hwenje C 1 week ago

ngatiendererei mberi nepfumvudza.

Zanu pf voyeeeee. Munhu vose anemufaro, fertilizer tirikukupai!
Come 2023 pamaElections. President ED 5million votes pfeee

patriot 1 week ago

Garai pasi, zvakarongeka. Top muchhapihwa muna June.

Doug 1 week ago

Please stop telling people that crops are wilting due to lack of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Wilting occurs when there is no water or moisture, at you can actually speed up the wilting by applying ammonium nitrate when there is no water or moisture.

1 week ago

Kkkkkk Good point @Doug Crops wilt from moisture stress not from lack of top-dressing fertiliser I also don't know what this guy was trying to say

1 week ago

.... in the process of importing Ammonium Nitrate now Really! Aren't we suppossd to be proactive Every time we approach the rainy season we hear these guys saying everything is in place and now this

Ini zvangu 1 week ago

Majaira zvemahara, irimo mumashop indayi munotenga.

Nairobi 1 week ago

Ndizvo mdara

1 week ago

Europeans are blocking millions of tons of fertilizers in their sea ports

Aim Tech 1 week ago

That's what they want, Go research about the world economic forum (WEF's) agenda you will understand


cid 1 week ago

They received 43% of AN, vachibva Vai applier kuchipisa now zvinhu zvavo zvakusvava, and they need the remaing 57% as soon as possible kuti vaise muzvinhu zvava pa wilting stage kkkkk zvakaoma

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