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Amnesty International Demands Govt Take Action On Transport Crisis

Amnesty International Demands Govt Take Action On Transport Crisis

Amnesty International (AI) has called upon the Government of Zimbabwe to engage private transporters to find a solution to the transport crisis.

This comes after Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) drivers and conductors reportedly downed tools over salary and COVID-19 allowance arrears dating back to 2020.

The strike comes at a time commuters are spending hours in queues waiting for transport as ZUPCO fails to cope with demand.

In a statement on Friday, 6 May, AI urged the Government to address the transport crisis urgently. It said:

Amnesty International calls upon the government to address this challenge by opening up the public transport sector to private players with proper guidelines to ensure public safety.

We, therefore, call upon the government and relevant stakeholders to come up with relevant solutions to alleviate the transport challenge.

They must consider engaging the private transporters and reach an amicable solution.

ZUPCO Workers’ Council chairperson Douglas Serimani told NewsDay Weekender that workers want half of their wages in US dollars. Said Serimani:

The employees have been requesting that they be given half of their salaries in United States dollars.

Salaries come late at ZUPCO and we had a works council meeting in Gweru on Wednesday, where employees implored the authorities to consider paying half of their salaries in US dollars and also ensure that they are paid on time.

The company also owes the employees six months of COVID-19 allowances which were not paid to them in 2020.

Management has, however, promised to address all those issues.

ZUPCO chief executive Evaristo Mandangwa said the issue of employees’ salaries is an internal issue that has nothing to do with the public.

On Wednesday, Cabinet admitted that some private players who joined the ZUPCO franchise withdrew their services due to non-payment of their dues.

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everisto mangwanda 2 months ago

sorry for what i've said.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Zupco has never maneged to ease transport problems ever since they started, Kombis should come back like before...

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

This government would have resigned if it were not that we do not have that word, "resign" in our vocabulary. The government has failed in many ways, transport being one of the areas. They have failed to arrest inflation. Goods prices are skyrocketing under their watch. Blackmarketing is at its worst. Health and Childcare is delapidating. There are no drugs in hospitals. Citizens now cross borders to South Africa, Zambia and Botswana in search of healthcare. Doctors and Nurses are migrating to overseas countries in search of greener pastures. Garbage is never collected. Dirty water runs only once per week in pipes. Government departments and parastatals increase prices willy nilly, yet government refuses to award salary increment to its employees. This government would have resigned long back if it were from the western world.


Mr j 2 months ago

vote for Chamisa Nelson

mubocha 2 months ago

zviro zvemuzimbabwe mamhuza chaiwo

Asalif 2 months ago

it never rains but it thunders @ Zupco vanhu vaisahora their allowance since 2020 kkkkkkk Saka vaiti vanoendepi asi unobatirwa pfuti kuenda kubasa kwacho

Sango 2 months ago

Vaunobawo mbichana. Zvichitofamba. But manje mazuvano kana tikaba ka bond kacho hakachakwani rent nema penti

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