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Amnesty International Concerned About Suppression Of The Right Of Assembly In Zimbabwe

Amnesty International Concerned About Suppression Of The Right Of Assembly In Zimbabwe

Amnesty Zimbabwe, a section of the Amnesty-International that campaigns for the enjoyment of human rights, says it is concerned about human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

The organisation speaks after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has refused to sanction “The Zimbabwe We Want” campaign gathering and a candle-lighting commemoration of Zimbabwean academic, Alex Tawada Magaisawho died on Sunday. Said Amnesty International:

Amnesty International is concerned about the violation of the right to peaceful assembly in Zimbabwe. Under Section 58 of the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe, everyone has the right to freedom of assembly. We are concerned about the government’s persistent targeting of the right to peaceful assembly in particular the denial by @PoliceZimbabwe to sanction a candle-lit vigil for the late @Wamagaisa & the arrest of Divine Destiny members during a prayer meeting.

The right to freedom of assembly is guaranteed under international law as well as the Zimbabwean Constitution and this right must be respected.

We call upon the Zimbabwean authorities to facilitate rather than hinder the enjoyment of this right.

Amnesty International said the law must not be used to suppress the exercising of the right of assembly.

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Mmmm 2 months ago

Our disgraceful judges should be instrumental in protecting the constitution. It's time they opened their eyes and mouth.

bishu 2 months ago

Range Rovers, houaes, farms. Judges are compromised. in fact they have created a close knit clique that have virtually replaced the white minority in thought and action. ANIMAL FARM

Da Truth 2 months ago

Munovaziva here ma Judge Aya (Gabby,,,Patel,,Chidyausiku,,Bhunu,,Makarau,,)) spellings maybe wrong but crew iyi yanga yakapenga ,,Just like Farbish in soccer the number 1 coach in Zim history of soccer.

Observer 2 months ago

It's a war against democracy for democracy is accountability.

Asalif 2 months ago

Then what is the difference with the Smith regime

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

the problem in the past these type of gatherings ended up violent,
plus all gatherings need to be cleared by the police 1st ,of which is constitutional...

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