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Alvin Zhakata's Father Worried About His Son's Fate

Alvin Zhakata's Father Worried About His Son's Fate

Onismo Zhakata, the father of Zimbabwe national football team super fan, Alvin “Aluvhah”, has said he has been having sleepless nights over his son’s predicament.

Alvin is reportedly stranded in Cameroon where he stayed behind for the delayed 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals. He was reportedly blocked from coming back to Zimbabwe with authorities saying he was supposed to pay a penalty for hotel bills he had failed to pay in time.

He went back to the hotel and stayed more until he was kicked out as the accommodation and food bills were growing. He has been living on the streets since then.  His father told The Herald:

The reality is that he (Alvin) is stranded in Cameroon and I don’t know where exactly he is sleeping and where he is getting his next meal.

It’s sad I don’t have the kind of money to help him out but am prepared to play my part.

ince we come from Mabvuku, I had wanted to pass a begging bowl to some of the Mabvuku old boys like Scott Sakupwanya, Chamu Chiwanza and others but I have been discouraged by what people were saying.

But remember this is foreign land and you don’t know what might happen to him there and no one will care. I am told he is not allowed to leave Cameroon until he pays the bills in full.

He is my son; the way this whole thing affects me is different from how people choose to feel about it. If anyone can assist, I will be glad. About everything else, we will see when he comes home.

Aluvhah, the 2019 AFCON Super-fan who travelled from Cape to Cairo by road was also in the news before the most recent AFCON finals after collapsing during the Morrocco vs Malawi match.

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Kanda 2 months ago

ko uyu muface uyu problem yake ndeyei in the first place akaendeswa nani . akaita aende anomuziva ngamudzose period

Ribvungu 2 months ago

asi hakujambiki border here. chawaitadza kudzokera ne manyokiaz chiii. uchatibhowa manje. the problem started when i was born in Zimbabwe, dira rizare wangu

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Those who can help please chip in and help baba Onismo Zhakata to bring his child back home." KUTSVA NDEBVU KWE VARUME KUDZIMURANA." I urge baba Onismo Zhakata to sit down with Alvin and urge him not to abuse alcohol. He should not undertake unnecessary journeys. Whenever he is on a mission with the Warriors, he should follow protocols.


Mkanya 2 months ago

Ngakagare ikoko dzungu too much. Kachigunduru jemunhu

pumura 2 months ago

busy kukwidza ngezha BP nxaaaa

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

He has learn a gud lesson, dzungu haridiwe aimbosarirei isu tese takamaona on TV ma games acho hakusi kupusa. kune vanhu vanotambura munyika vanoda rubatsiro rwechikafu...

Tasha 2 months ago

True kkkkk


samba dija 2 months ago

he should stay there what s he lying about kasi he wants to stay there indefinitely

2023 2 months ago

Vote for Chamisa, vote for CCC

yj 2 months ago

pindula tokumbirawo free sports here please

Aluvha 2 months ago

varikunditi ndibhadharee mabilsl apaa vaindipaa nyama yetsoko, nemajerenyenje mhuka dzese dzatisingadye ekhaya dzinodyiwaa kuno.. kuita fanikaa know China.. handibhadharee manje

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

Alvin is a drama king, i offered to make payments directly to the hotel account but he declined. If this guy seriously needs help then he must say the truth always. Else dira hako rizare wangu 🥃🍾

Alvin Aluvha 2 months ago

I Aluva, am allergic to Truth

aaaa 2 months ago

yaàah ndabvuma hangu iiiii vakuru vanoti chava chigondora chava chimombe kutadza kufura ****ma hwacho🐃🐃

aaaa 2 months ago

yaàah ndabvuma hangu iiiii vakuru vanoti chava chigondora chava chimombe kutadza kufura ****ma hwacho🐃🐃

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