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Aluvah Accused Of Concocting Lies To Mislead Zimbabweans

Aluvah Accused Of Concocting Lies To Mislead Zimbabweans

Warriors “super fan” Alvin Zhakata has been accused of lying about his alleged predicament in Cameroon and has been described as a nuisance and an attention-seeker.

The lanky fan, popularly known as Aluvah, is someone who is allergic to truth and needs help according to a family member who spoke to Soccer24 on condition of anonymity.

Aluvah is reported to have once misled the nation by saying that he had been robbed in Harare’s central business district.

He spent two weeks in hospital at the time “though what happened to him is something that he and a few close friends know”, reported Soccer24.

At one point, Aluvah claimed he had been invited to watch the Euro 2020 final at Wembley, even though it was just a lie.

Aluvah is also alleged to have misled the nation that former Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa had been appointed technical advisor of the Malawi national team at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations that were held in January and February this year in Cameroon.

He also claimed Pasuwa flew to Cameroon, yet the former Dynamos coach spent the entire tournament at home, in Greendale, Harare.

When he left the country for Cameroon, Aluvah claimed he was on a CAF ticket, yet he was not.

Aluvah collapsed in Cameroon early this year and it was reported that the collapse was due to heart complications.

However, this has been dismissed as untrue as Zhakata’s collapse was linked to alcohol, it has been alleged.

Aluvah claimed that Cameroonian legend and FA president, Samuel Eto’o, paid his hospital bill but this has also been dismissed as untrue.

The Warriors praise singer reportedly owns an iPhone 13 yet he is failing to raise 380 euros for a plane ticket to Zimbabwe.

Moreover, his family said they were unaware that he is in Cameroon and in need of financial assistance.

Aluvah reportedly declined the help of a well-wisher who offered to purchase the ticket directly, without giving him the money.

He is also actively involved in Warriors star Marvellous Nakamba’s Nakamba Foundation and this has raised questions about why the foundation has not reached out to help one of their own.

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Blabber 2 months ago

Chaakubuda chokwadi

Aluva 2 months ago

I'm now in Zim tommorow I will be watching the Dembare match.

Aluvah in cameroon 2 months ago

Guys worry not about my social welfare
yes am not in Zim
iam based in cameroon m gainfully employed
i work as a driver and a deliverer on a certain football club hear
i also deliver media house material on behalf of the government
ndikushaya kuti chikushuoa chii mafeloo
andina mukadzi anonfitsvaga my mom is OK this morning i send her money on World Remit


Paradzai Messi 2 months ago

Muchamunzwa akuti is ane mufanha wangu Lionel Messi. Ndinombosiya zvemagitare izvi ndikamusota

Dance hall Master chanter 2 months ago

Ko boyz nyaya ya Silent Killer aka Ngirozi ye Hondo yakapfamba sei? Iya yoku bholonchwa mpfana wa Fantan.

Charles mabika 2 months ago

,we as football lovers let's contribute money to bring bak our fellow Zimbabwean burger

Cyber 2 months ago

iwe kanonyepa akoo

Advocate 2 months ago

NONSENSE, mai vako varikufa nezhara paruzevha n u r busy saying futbol lovers.....RIDICULOUS!

BlaMisheck 2 months ago

Ngaafonere Scott Sakupwanya. Arikudiwa pabridge nevamwe vake veManchester United kuRedbull kuMabvuku.

mama Bee 2 months ago

arllegic to truth🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ndini Ndadaroo 2 months ago

He is being used by Chamisa and thugs to tarnish the name of our beautiful country.

Advocate 2 months ago

Chamisa apinda pamunhu ane History yake yekunyepa.....zvaakati abirwa muCBD Chamisa anga Ari po? ? ukwane

Dog 2 months ago

Svina yembwa

Mukoma wa Aluvah. 2 months ago

Ngaaorere ikoko kana achida. Isu taneta ne chidhakwa ichi.

chief Nemauyu 2 months ago

if Alluvah is a lier why is Soccer 24 failing to locate his hiding place

??? 2 months ago

huSuper fan hwabvanyangurwa

Miss A 2 months ago

No comment.

Son of A 2 months ago

Let's comment 👪family 😆🤣😂

Miss A 2 months ago


Mr A 2 months ago

wy not commenting my wife

kumusha 2 months ago

he must not be called a worrier main soccer fan

??? 2 months ago

kkkk kanoda shamhu

augustine 2 months ago

zvandikandisa mapfumo pasi 😯

gogodera 2 months ago

mbabvu mbabvu nekuseka tadzwa kkkkkest

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