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All 192 Gweru School Students Test Negative For Coronavirus

All 192 Gweru School Students Test Negative For Coronavirus

All the 192 pupils tested for coronavirus at Nashville High School in Gweru were negative, the Gweru COVID-19 task force has said.

The tests were conducted after a voice note circulating on social media from an alleged parent of a learner at the school claimed that students are spending most of their time sleeping in the sun, probably unaware they have COVID-19.

The parent said she was called to attend to her child, who tested COVID-19 positive and is now receiving treatment.

However, in an update, the task-force rapid antigen testing was conducted on all the 192 boarding students and none came out positive. It said:

Following reports circulating on social media on Nashville High school pupils alleging Covid 19 positive …and no reports being made to the responsible Ministry of Health. The following has been expeditiously done by the Response Team and Taskforce authorities headed by the DDC. 1. RRT dispatched by the Min of Health and its partners

2. Screening clinical of the suspected cases done. 3. Rapid Antigen Testing of all 192 boarders was done 4. All the 192 rapid tests came out all Negative. 5. Continued monitoring and tests being done including day school learners and staff… 6. Psychosocial support and Counseling were administered.

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