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Alex Magaisa Defends Chin'ono In The Goats Saga

Alex Magaisa Defends Chin'ono In The Goats Saga

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a former chief of staff in the office of the late former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, has said the Zimbabwean government is creating a false narrative against Hopewell Chin’ono with the intention of looting his assets.

This comes after the ruling ZANU PF claimed that Chin’ono, a prominent journalist, benefited from the government’s goat project and failed or neglected to pass on the goats to other farmers for breeding. Chin’ono refutes the claims.

Commenting on the matter, Magaisa said the ruling party was “shameless” in trying to “grab the project” from Chin’ono. Said the UK-based law lecturer:

I’ve read the distress call from journalist @daddyhope arising from the Zimbabwean regime’s attempt to grab his private investment at his rural home. As usual, the regime uses surrogates to create false narratives to justify the confiscation & plunder of private property.

 For experienced Zimbabwe watchers, looting and plundering is a regime favourite. Edwin Moyo’s flourishing Kondozi Estate was run aground by regime looters. Business people live in fear of losing their investments which is worse if they reveal their political preferences.

A businessman who was suspected of funding the opposition found himself facing an unreasonable and vindictive tax bill from ZIMRA. Many more are choked into silence if ever they are suspected of siding with or helping the opposition.

The regime’s elements spent years mocking Hopewell for his Boer goat project, calling him names like “Mbudziyadhura”. But these infantile tactics didn’t work. He carried on & kept holding the regime to account. Now they have shamelessly decided to grab the project from him.

This is the same regime that goes around the world claiming “Zimbabwe is open for business”. Apparently not open for business to Zimbabweans like Hopewell! How do you convince a foreigner that your business is safe when a citizen’s business can be violated in this manner?

 The regime likes to blame everyone for the country’s ongoing economic calamity. But if truth be told, it is the principal author of this disaster. Today it is Hopewell’s property, but yesterday it was someone else’s and tomorrow it will be another Zimbabwean’s property.

As with all dictatorships, the irony is their repression produces heroes out of ordinary people. Far from silencing Hopewell, its crude strategies are constructing a heroic figure out of the relentless persecution. The more it persecutes him, the greater a figure they create.

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