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Air Zimbabwe To Acquire New Plane Next Month - Govt Official

Air Zimbabwe To Acquire New Plane Next Month - Govt Official

Air Zimbabwe will next month receive a new 50-seater aircraft – an Embraer ERJ145 – a government official has said.

This is the second Embraer the national airline will have.

In a recent interview with State media, Transport and Infrastructural Development Permanent Secretary Theodius Chinyanga said:

The new aircraft is currently undergoing pre-delivery maintenance service and is now expected to be in the country in January 2023.

The addition of this aircraft will see to the airline’s route expansion programme, which entails increased frequencies on the current schedules.

The choice of aircraft type was informed by the need to have fleet commonality to manage maintenance costs.

In January 2021, Air Zimbabwe announced that it is in the process of acquiring a second ERJ145 for deployment in the first half of that year. | The Sunday News

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parasite 1 month ago

second republic is doing wonders

angry citizen 1 month ago

umm wangu,ka 50 seater ungat i progress here,ndotwuri ku charles prince uko,kanokwqnq president nevanhu vake ka coaster chaiko

reader 1 month ago

ko kumbotengawo Boeing Inga Mari iriko wani kuZanu pf ukooo, aircompanies are taking local,regional and international routes imi muripo Qantas,Qatar,Ethiopia ,Emirates now they have Harare to Vicfall route,Hre to Kariba,Hre to Byo why the gvnmnt is so relaxing only surviving on taxs

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo. Stone upon stone brick upon brick. Only the revolutionary party and the visionary leadership of ED can do so.

1 month ago

Please leave our real Machiavelli to enjoy his Christmas in peace.

You may copy his name but you can never copy his ideas, style and wit. Handisi kuti don't support ZANU, ED or Jenarari. It is your Constitutional Right to be Stùpíd.

@ fake Machiavelli 1 month ago

Do you know where the name Machiavelli was derived from? Uribenzi you don't deserve to have that name. For your own information, In primatology, machiavellian intelligence is the capacity of an organism to be in a successful social maneuvering and political engagement with social groups. The first introduction of this concept came from Frans de Waal's book Chimpanzee Politics (1982), which described social maneuvering while explicitly quoting Machiavelli. Siya our true Machiavelli ashandise zita iroro coz akangwara kupfuura iwe

Doug 1 month ago

How old is the new - to - be aeroplane?


@Machiavelli 1 month ago

In this day and age a National air line climbing on mount everest to announce the acquisition of a 50 seater aircraft to make them 2 yet when Smith left they were 18 Boeing 767 aeroplanes 350 seater ones for that matter They were all ran to the ground by the vampire regime

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