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Age Is Nothing But A Number, Says Chief Mutasa (67) As He Enrols For Law Degree

Age Is Nothing But A Number, Says Chief Mutasa (67) As He Enrols For Law Degree

Acting Chief Mutasa (67) is among the first 20 students that have enrolled for the Bachelor of Law Degree at Africa University (AU).

The United Methodist Church-run institution opened its School of Law early this week.

Chief Mutasa, born Lovemore Mutasa, expects to complete the LLB programme when he turns 72. He said:

I am looking forward to helping my fellow chiefs in getting a better understanding of the law processes in the country.

I really want to urge traditional leaders across the country to take up Law. Age is nothing but a number.

We can do it with determination and willpower. It will help us in our line of work.

My thinking is that at some point, I will be able to open my own law firm.

That law firm will help many children to train and enhance their understanding of the law.

Chief Mutasa has already undertaken training as a presiding officer of community courts with the University of South Africa (UNISA), as well as the University of Zimbabwe Magistrates’ Admission examination.

He is looking to further his education when he completes his Bachelor of Law Degree at AU. He said:

I want to attain a Masters’ Degree in Child Rights. I am very passionate about ending child marriages and this is one sure way of enhancing my understanding of the dynamics around child marriages.

Chief Mutasa has written a book on child marriages entitled “A collection of articles on ending child marriages”.

In January 2018, Chief Murinye, born Ephias Munodawafa, obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

He has since been registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe as a legal practitioner. | The Manica Post

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