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"Against All Odds, We Will Win The Economic Battle," - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Wednesday 3 August 2022 said he will win the battle against unnamed “economic saboteurs.” in the face of rising inflation and a free-falling local currency.

He made the remarks at the National Heroes Acre where he presided over the burial of the late national hero, Retired Brigadier-General Benjamin Mabenge who died at a local hospital in Harare on Monday the 1st of August 2022.

He was 67.  Addressing mourners, Mnangagwa said the economy would not collapse under his watch. He assured the nation:

While in the yesteryear the war was fought on the battlefront, the second republic is well aware of the machinations of our detractors who are fighting us on the economic front. Today, there is asymmetrical warfare to make the economy scream and our people suffer.

Under my watch, they will never succeed. We will never surrender. Against all odds, we will win the economic battle and attain a prosperous future for our people.

His remarks come after inflation last week rose to 256.9%, from 191.6% in June.

Prices of basic goods and services have been skyrocketing against stagnant salaries, unsettling labour in both private and public sectors, where workers have for years been pushing for United States dollar salaries.

He called upon Zimbabweans to emulate Benjamin Mabenge who sacrificed his life and gave honest hard work as a service to his country; working with integrity, transparency and accountability.

The president also implored every Zimbabwean to remain peaceful ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections. 

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🙄 2 months ago

Ana Mabenge fought for nothing. Kurwira "Vene Vayo" vanova ED and his few top ZanuPf elites.
Liberation struggle was a wasted struggle. Vabereki vedu suffered for nothing and continue to suffer now while wazukuru vevamwe vawo vashoma neivava vanozviti Vene Vayo are enjoying the good of the land.

😎 2 months ago

Isu tisu vekuita sacrifice imi ndimi vekudya huchi nemukaka nhaika. Nhai Mr President, madi mamboita sacrifice your pride mobva maita resign. Hamuone kuti munenge magonawo ipapo

zanu pf 2 months ago

anaZvibengebenge ivavo ndovakatiuraira nyika mhani dai vakatisiya tirimunhapwa hwasmith

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

Even the devil believes can ressurect a man from death so is mnangagwa and his myopic government he is dreaming we can't listen to such a barbaric, destitute, rapist, cannibal ,ilhealth man

Concerned 2 months ago

which economic saboteurs kkkk, look in the mirror old man

2kz 2 months ago

it's amazing because same day GMB was increasing prices for wheat, same day "we will fight the economy"

Gwedu 2 months ago

we are tired of your talking porr propaganda. You can't even move simple inch of your talk into action. Taneta newe, Rape yawakadya ndoyosakisa unzee manyoka mupfungwa


wickedness 2 months ago

im just wondering kt y dzichisimudza an open palm mugabe chaiye aisazviita

Yoweeeeee 2 months ago

Dayi ndakafira hangu kuhondo. Hapana chatairwira apa. Kurumwa nemosquito. Kuremedzwa nemabhunu shuwa kuti ED udye wega naAuxillia. This is painful.

Kule Dhaambi 2 months ago

how do you intend to go into battle against yourselves nhai Ruka 😅😅

ZimCitizen 2 months ago

Good question

2023 I t n v 2 months ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo

Cde hondo 2 months ago

The first war is against corruption. Yu have lost the battle ed

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