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AFZ Finishes Building House For Goromonzi Helicopter Crash Victims

AFZ Finishes Building House For Goromonzi Helicopter Crash Victims

The Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) has finished building a house for the Fenyere family in Goromonzi to compensate them after an air crash involving an AB 412 Helicopter claimed the lives of one of their twin children, aircrew and destroyed the house.

The other twin and the mother were hospitalised with life-threatening burns.

Defence and War Veterans Affairs Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, accompanied by the Commander Air Force of Zimbabwe Air Marshal Elson Moyo and senior officers from the ZDF, handed a new house to the Fenyere family.

The Herald reports that the house was handed over to Mr Fenyere and his family in Goromonzi yesterday. Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri said:

This tragedy happened when no one least expected. It left the Fenyere family almost stranded. We as the Ministry of Defence and War Veterans Affairs and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces were shocked by the tragedy, to say the least.

I vividly recall the sombre atmosphere when I came here, a day after the accident in order to pay our condolences and comfort the Fenyere family.

I spoke at length with the family and pledged on behalf of the ministry to support and stand with the family. Thereafter, the Air Force of Zimbabwe mobilised items that would cushion the family on their day-to-day living. But these items were never going to count for anything without the family having their damaged shelter restored.

It was then that my ministry made a commitment to construct a house for the Fenyere family. Immediately after authority was granted, the Air Force of Zimbabwe dispatched a group of construction experts to ascertain the work that was to be done. Their feedback highlighted that the cost of repairing the house was comparable to constructing a new one.

On the other hand, Mr Fenyere, who had been constantly in touch with our Air Force chaplain who was handling the family’s post-bereavement issues, requested for a new house to be built instead of having the damaged one repaired. His reasons were quite understandable especially considering the trauma the family had gone through.

The minister added that the design for the house was done by the Air Force drawing team. The house has tiled floors, ceiling, plastered walls, modern tubs and ceramic cisterns, some skating around the building, a solar geyser, a new septic tank and soak away, security lights and a painted roof. The house still has its 10 rooms, of which one is self-contained, two linking and the rest separate.

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Ginious 1 week ago

well done Minister

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

Welldone kudii kwacho? Its not a favour or charity done for this family. Its a legal obligation that has been met. The family could have sued the government of Zimbabwe & the AFZ for the loses they incurred due to the negligence of the AFZ. The AFZ flew a faulty helicopter above civilian homesteads realising that there was a real risk or possibility that if it crashes it would kill innocent people & destroy their property. And thats exactly what happened - reckless endangerment. The house is meant to silence the family & its not enough. The Civil Division of the High Court would have awarded millions of dollars to the family for the death of their infant child, destruction to their home as well as the shock & trauma they experienced.

sugar boy 1 week ago

next time don't fly thoz fault helicopters.It's better to ground them than to kill civilians.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Kana mukavaka imba inenge chikopokopo. It will not bring that child back. Munodzibhururutsirei imi muchiona dzava dzemashanga

Cde hondo 1 week ago

Your aircrafts are now a danger to citizens ground them to save lives. They are now too old and need to be decommissioned

flames 1 week ago

Such a humane gesture by AFZ is commendable

Catalyst 1 week ago

its better for the airforce to use Zupco buses rather than to use those museum like Helicopters vachatikuvadzisa isu tisina mhosva tadonherwa manje


mnhanga 1 week ago

Iwe Ginious uri kuti well done wakaenda kuchikoro here iwe.Pane chauri kufarira chaitwa chakanaka chokufa kwemwana imba ichiparadzwa neproperty.

Mr Politician 1 week ago

compensation is btr than nothing so you want the AFZ to resurect the child zvimwe zvinhu fungaiwo imi kwete kuita sekt u didn't go to school

Zvazvanga zvingori 1 week ago

Zveimba hazvina basa,ko mwana muchamutenda kana kumubhadhara neyi w**** imi

Agent 47 1 week ago

Shit happens in life, even kunana USA ndege dzodonao and same they comfort like what AFZ did........ on this don't blame them that much

RIP sir

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