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AfriForum To Patrol Zimbabwe Border With Sniffer Dogs

AfriForum To Patrol Zimbabwe Border With Sniffer Dogs

A South African-based civil rights organisation AfriForum has launched a border patrol initiative with sniffer dogs at the porous South Africa-Zimbabwe border in the Musina area, Limpopo.

The move is meant to curb illegal immigration and smuggling along the porous Musina-Pafuri borderline.

AfriForum campaigns manager Jacques Broodryk said two sniffer dogs, Duke and Hailey, have since been donated and were also trained trackers. Said Broodryk:

The smugglers use the areas with dense bushes to cross the border and these sniffer dogs will assist to quickly get on the trail of the smugglers.

Duke (the dog) will also help law enforcement during roadblocks because of his specific skills to sniff out firearms and drugs.

Between June and September of last year alone, AfriForum’s neighbourhood watch in Musina helped to seize smuggled goods with a total value of more than R12 million.

This has a substantial impact on the illegal activities and according to information we have received, some of these smugglers have thrown in the towel because of the resilience of our volunteers.

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Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

Border riri porous anoda kupinda anopinda zvatanga nhasi here,kungodzi tsvagira mabae dzave nenyere

povhoo 1 week ago

bt musasimbisane imbwa idzodzo mahwani havasi ana bhoki vanohukura vakazendama nemuti muzvizive izvozvo

Ed 1 week ago

Ko vanhu ve zanu vakaita March wani vachiti no to afri forum.. Hazvina kubatsira

Kkkkkk 1 week ago

Eish ya paipa apa kwave ne association yema boarder jumbers?

Boarder Jumpers Association of Limpopo 1 week ago

Please note that any threats to our smuggling business will be regretted. How do you dare plan to destroy our livelihoods? You can not stop our doings as we are always ready to devise new means to avoid you. And mind you, at times we cross the giant Limpompo riding those crocodiles in your Limpompo river, so we ain't afraid of your so called Duke and Hailey, in fact you don't know us well. Are teams are made of trained former mers of Zimbabwe ary (ZNA) and South African Defence Forces, so your 2 little Duke and Hailey can not detter us. We are always smarter than you. We will not leave our smuggling business as we also have incooperated former members of Mozambican army.

that guy 1 week ago

bloody racists avo musaende uko mhani nxaaa


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

This AfriForum dog patrol company's trackers are going to set their dogs on our citizens against international standards. Our citizens are going to be attacked viciously by these dogs. Zimbabweans are going to be killed by these marauding dogs.




Boarder Jumpers Association of Limpompo 1 week ago

Guys do wory for us. We are going to kill their Duke and Hailey. We are well established than they think, we are always innovative so that nothing hinders our business. That business of smuggling defines our today and tomorrow. In our groups we have former army members of Zim and South Africa with Mozambican former soldiers on orientation as they have recently finished our training codes. Alshabab militants of Nigeria and Mozambique are also in our groups, their involvement being to safeguard the smuggling of drugs through across the river Limpompo. We are well trained to deal with those dogs. We will Dudula whoever will try to desturb our modus operandi.

i 1 week ago

@Dhuterere mubvunzo nhando .mapurisa emhiri anokurumisa zvinotovanakidza izvozvo ....ende vanhu vacharumwa bigtime bamdik

Dhuterere 1 week ago

dzanzi ndedzekuruma vanhu here nhai mkoma @chawabvunza 😀😀😀😀

....up 1 week ago


United States of Africa 1 week ago

It all started at the tower of Babel

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