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Africans Should Have Own Media Company - Mutambara

Africans Should Have Own Media Company - Mutambara

Former Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara says African people should establish a media company owned wholly by black people so that outsiders will not decide what people on the continent watch.

Mutambara said this in response to DStv’s parent company, MultiChoice’s move to freeze Russia Today, a Russian television channel following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week.

The former MDC leader said White people, through DStv, decide what Africans can watch, a situation he believes is less than ideal. Said Mutambara:

Multichoice (DStv) has just shut down RT (Russian Television) Channel across Africa because of the invasion of Ukraine.

It is the view of the company that Africans must not listen to anything balanced or sympathetic to Russia. Very sad and shameful, indeed.

Multichoice is an ‘African’ company switching off the entire continent from accessing balanced information about a war that has nothing to do with Africa.

White people who own this conglomerate are deciding what information is available to Africans across the continent.

If there was a need to demonstrate our lack of agency and control on the continent, this is it.

If we don’t control what information we have access to what else don’t we control?

If one white company on the continent can shut down access across the continent what does that say of us Africans?

White people who own an ‘African’ company, Multichoice have more influence than all the African governments put together.

Can we not set up an African company that we control as black people in the media space?

Given our 55 governments and our many black billionaires?

Why are we being totally undermined by one white company in our continent?

On Wednesday, 2 March, DStv froze RT after the European Union (EU) banned RT and another Russian state media outlet, Sputnik, from broadcasting in the bloc.

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Gafa 1 week ago

Ndorimwevo Zimcare iri unomborikupi kwaunogara nhai?

Gabarinocheka 2 months ago

Salute AGO! Forward thinking Alkebulan!

Gabarinocheka 2 months ago

Salute AGO! Forward thinking Alkebulan!

Ccc 2 months ago

Africa inofanira kuva ne one currency yoita free trade ndokuti isimukire

Zvadhakwa 2 months ago

Rovambira! Chiiko ichocho? Chimwana chezanu. Kana idea yezviri kuitika hachina. Kungobvotomoka kunga chiri kuhope. Go to hell. Chazvimbirwa namuchunks achakahoreswa chauraya munhu kuKwekwe. Duzvi

Ossama Bin Laden 2 months ago

Yes a black man should have own media company**

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

taurai henyu vaMutambara,we can't be detected by Europeans on what to watch n listen to ....BBC, CNN, France 24,dw,etc they spread propaganda, Africa we should have a common understanding as a continent.....pasi nevadzvanyiriri....
I think African governments should also close Multichoice


Senior Citizen 2 months ago

Ukranian situation: As i Always tell people that the United States ,United Kingdom and the rest of the western world control's world geopolitics,world economy & media .As witnessed by the current trends on how the West United together and reacted swiftly against Russian aggression towards Ukraine ,now Russia has been isolated from the rest of the world in just one week🥺 the Results are there for everyone to see Russia's economy has been badly hurt in just one week with more than 60 % rise in inflation , Russia's foreign reserves frozen ,Russian Companies banned in trading in EU and in North America, Russian Aircrafts banned on EU n North American airspace , Russia's Central bank cut off on the swift international banking system .The Russian Federation is now alone being choked to death economically by the US and it's allies , yesterday's events at the United Nations General Assembly emergency meeting since 1997 saw the rest of the world rebuking Russia's actions in Ukraine with the 193 UN member states only 5 less Influencially countries voted in favour of Russia's actions ,while 35 countries including China their main powerful Ally and also our country Zimbabwe were neutral and the rest of the world voted against Russia's actions in a bid to introduce newer UN imposed sanctions against Russia including those countries that usually opposes the US like Venezuela .NATO has shown a united Strong front against Russia by giving support to Ukraine in terms of Military support in giving Ukraine state of the art weaponry like US supplied Stinger missiles and Patriot Air Defence Systems which are responsible for the downing of Russian war planes ,land systems for Artillery and anti tank systems which has resulted to Russian advances setbacks ,the Russian defence ministry released a press statement saying over 500 Russian serviceman have been killed in Action and over 1500 injured with the world Military analysts saying the Russian government is lying about the numbers to try keep the moral of Russian troops and citizens ,the numbers are higher than those who were killed in Action in the US Vietnam war , Soviet Afgan war ,the US Iraq war in the first initial week, these setbacks have fractuated Putin and his Generals as this was confirmed by the Russian Foreign affairs minister who admitted in today's (03 March) world press conference that the Russian defence miscalculated Ukraine's defences ,but the fact is that Ukraine defence is being supplied by the west in munitions that have caused tremendous costs for the Russian armed forces and the US and NATO have reinforced the European NATO boundary eastern flank , with more lethal US made weaponry being deployed over there, Major NATO members like Germany and France have increased their defence budgets for Germany they have increased their defence budget from 86 Billion to 100 Billion Euros more than 2.5% of their GDP more than the current Russia's defence budget with the sanctions taking place it's gonna be more difficult for Russia, with China's defence budget sets about 300 Billion while the US defence budget is way above every nation in the world with about 738 billion dollars .The situation in Ukraine has given the world a clear picture on who controls what and how !? That's why China has been reluctant to make a move on Taiwan ,the situation has made the Chinese to go back to the drawing board because they have seen how the West has done to Russia's economy without any Military action ,the consequences have been felt even here in Southern Africa Zimbabwe with the latest move was the removing of RT on DSTV , Russian Olympics team has been banned from the scheduled winter Olympics games,Fifa has made a move against Russia,even EA Games has made a move on Russia on its mostly loved FIFA soccer video game 😂 crazy but reality ,,,, those who say the west and the US has lost in geopolitics as a superpower must rethink their crazy thinking 😂 the US and EU have their fingers pocked on everything in the world ,Even thou Russia has genuine concerns about its national security,,,,that is reality we cannot ran away from it the US is still the world's prefect🇿🇼🇺🇸

Wiseman 2 months ago

I love how Russia is being given effective punishment instead of receiving a direct **** whooping that would be costly. Putin is feeling the heat and soon he's going to be accused of war crimes and dropped from the presidential post

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

ko mutsaga uyu achiri mupenyu... akahoinda nepiko haasiye aimboti heee mdc m heee what what here uyu

Weedman 2 months ago

@Vybz Kartel bho,tiritese neni o ndiri a.k.a Vybz kartel

Noma 2 months ago

Wasiyawo kuti Vybz Kartel kkkkkkkk @Weedman

Viper 2 months ago

Ukaona Mutambara akutaurisa ziva kuti akuda kuuya kumusha,muchandzwa ava na Nero manje manje so..

Ndini Viper former Vybz Kartel

Elyse 2 months ago

Sho...u still alive my bro

Tops 2 months ago

Says a man enjoying white man privileges in a white man's country

Doug 2 months ago

They always make decisions that are good for their business at that particular moment. They may have reacted to the wishes of their bosses, the enlightened paying customers who communicate their wishes. It is not a racial, religious or cultural decision, but a pure business decision.

Pfuuu 2 months ago

Kew ?

Viper 2 months ago

Thank you Mr Mutambara a Black man must have his own media. Let KEMET be explained to our people. Let's know our selves

Weedman 2 months ago

✊✊✊....KEMET is the way to go

factos 2 months ago

you mean ZBC should be everywhere?

Mubereki 2 months ago

Ko ingawani Mugabe aipa mateacher itori 540 so Ed avanira kutoita a plus

Charger 2 months ago

Masanction ainge ariko wani hwatohunhu hwezanu kusapa maworkers Mari ko war veterans vakasungwa wani musahwande nemasanction munongoti takoniwa

magufuli 2 months ago

Mutambara.....mmmmm gore Riya m****

rova mbira 2 months ago

pasi nekutuka nyaya ngaitaurwe iri nyaya.
Nelson ngaabvisise ma Sanctions and then the rest will follow.
Munofunga ma teacher ayivaira zvakadari asiri pa payroll ya chakuti chakuti. Kubvuma kuwuraya hupenyu hwevana.vedu nenyaya ye green back.God must punish you harshly.
500usdollars pamwedzi nekuwanda kwamakaita ikoko, kwanai mhani!!!!

Jenarari 2 months ago

@rovambira, ko Chamisa ndiye akaisa maSanctions here?

Yematicha handichapinduri hangu sekuti wajaira kudya sadza nembeva. Unotodada nehurombo hwako

Two Boy 2 months ago

The same effort and strength that Africa put on politics should also be put on economics and infrastructure and development. We nearly buy everything from 'them'. What kind of continent that heavily depends on visitors. I urge every reasoned person to abandon politics and do something for Africa.

Wekunyanya 2 months ago

Nhai iwe Mutambara sei usingataure nezve monopoly ye ZBCtv,Zbc radios etc...kuda zveRussia zvemuno wambopedza...mkosho

Citizens of zim 2 months ago

Kunyangwe ukachinja zita watii tokuda hre.
Saka iwewe uri kunyatsowana chii pakusupporter Zanu nhai Kartel
Iwwe unosupporter ruling nen weopp zvatinenge tiri kungo tambura wanii
Kartel u need to play a role to improve life yevana vako
U need 2 encourage yuths 2 register to vote
Imimi mayuths life yafa nfeyenyu so batanai kut mubvise Ed pachigaro muise muyuth ari kuziva nhamo dzatiinadzo

Citizens of zim 2 months ago

1 Africans tangai maita Democracy
2 Bvisai corruption mamuri
3 Broadcasting service haifaniri kupihwa control negvt
4 Broadcasting service ngaisabuditse news dzayo yakarerekera ku1 side
5 Bvisai umbimbi ndoga mamuri
6 Tinoda unite among station
Mukaita zvinhu izvi munokwanisa kuita channel yenyu inocontroller Africa

From Russia with Love 2 months ago

If a gvt doesn't control the broadcasting station then there is no gvt, dei wati BAZ ipe malicence kune ma pvt tv stations akawanda kut paite competition

tml 2 months ago

Mutambara which side are you in,NATO or Russia?But i think you support Russia.

Tkt 2 months ago


Machiavelli 2 months ago

AGO, nice idea. I forgot to mention the Arabs did exactly what you are proposing Al Jazeera. But you see media returns are low in the short term.

Zvino mabhoyi tinoda kumora ipapo ipapo, that's why no investment in media has taken root in Africa

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Hello guyz the real vybz , the zanu youth
Im going to announce my new username tml
Anambwa vakuba zita rangu

Millipede 2 months ago

Nhai zvako iwe @", ngatsvake rimwe zita sezvakaitwa naChamisa kusiyira Mwonzora MDC-ALLIANCE to form CCC, #YEBOYELLOW.

" 2 months ago

Zita kuita Seiko usati nyaudza tsvaga rimwe wakanyarara

Tkt 2 months ago

Why not today?I can't wait

Machiavelli 2 months ago

There goes A.G.O Mutambara again.

The loose cannon. Nothing has stopped Africa and Africans from investing in their own media. Only now do you see the value of alternative viewpoint.

Ndiwo anonzi maSanctions AGO.

DSTV did not switch off RT. EU just switched off the feeder which DSTV depended on to access RT.

Russia is paying for the Ukraine misadventure. Isusu we are just collateral damage. Caught in crossfire

rova mbira 2 months ago

i had to laugh, zanu pf broadcasting cooperation. Vanayo mari ivo a Mtambara
ngavazvitange vatenge yavo broadcasting station, vana Strive Masiyiwa ne.vamwe vakawanda.chaizv

ZimCitizen 2 months ago

In Africa we already have ZBC, which is wholly controlled by Black Africans, and its news is balanced towards ZANU Pf. Maybe DSTv should switch it off as well.

CITIZEN 2 months ago

Mr aurthor mutambara...the problem u are now seeing surfacing, is deeply rooted here in Africa, amongst us Africans, especially our governments, and particularly ZANU PF who are corrupted to grave. One can't start up his/her own company under ZANU PF unless u are linked to the Ruling party. Our African leaders, particularly ZANU PF detects to citizens what information to get and what's not to get. Before this dictatorship of selecting information to africans, emanated from our government(s)

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Muno we have one ZBC monopolizing everything so KUKAKA nepropaganda chete and better hedu kutoita switch off to other channels dzisineyi neZanupf Broadcasting Cooperation.

🙄 2 months ago

And they switch off or throttle internet to ensure that we only get Zanutised news. It's really not about white people only but a certain maniac mentality in these people that drunk with a diabolical desire to control humanity at whatever cost.

. 2 months ago

Well said.....varungu varikutikwadza ne propaganda....CNN & france24 are just like zbc, no balanced view

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