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AFCON 2022 Guide: Fixtures, Predictions And Results (Update)

AFCON 2022 Guide: Fixtures, Predictions And Results (Update)

The 2022 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals is underway in Yaounde, Cameroon and is scheduled to run through the 6th of February.

The tournament was originally scheduled to be played in June and July 2021.

Odds point to Morocco and Nigeria as favourites to win the trophy this year.

AFCON 2021 group-stage fixtures and results (CAT)

Sunday, January 9

Monday, January 10

Tuesday, January 11

  • Group E: Algeria 0-0 Sierra Leone
  • Group D: Nigeria 1-0 Egypt
  • Group D: Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau

Wednesday, January 12

  • Group F: Tunisia 0-1 Mali
  • Group F: Mauritania 0-1 Gambia
  • Group E: Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast 

Thursday, January 13

  • Group A: Cameroon 4-1 Ethiopia
  • Group A: Cape Verde 0-1 Burkina Faso

Friday, January 14

  • Group B: Senegal vs Guinea, 3pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Group B: Malawi vs Zimbabwe, 6pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Group C: Morocco vs Comoros, 6pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde)
  • Group C: Gabon vs Ghana, 9pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde)

Saturday, January 15

  • Group D: Nigeria vs Sudan, 4pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua)
  • Group D: Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt, 7pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua)

Sunday, January 16

  • Group F: Gambia vs Mali, 3pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe)
  • Group E: Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone, 6pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)
  • Group F: Tunisia vs Mauritania, 6pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe)
  • Group E: Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea, 9pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)

Monday, January 17

  • Group A: Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia, 6pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Group A: Cape Verde vs Cameroon, 6pm (Olembe Stadium, Yaounde) 

Tuesday, January 18

  • Group B: Malawi vs Senegal, 6pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Group B: Zimbabwe vs Guinea, 6pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde)
  • Group C: Gabon vs Morocco, 9pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde) 
  • Group C: Ghana vs Comoros, 9pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua) 

Wednesday, January 19

  • Group D: Egypt vs Sudan, 9pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde)
  • Group D: Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria, 9pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua) 

Thursday, January 20

  • Group E: Ivory Coast vs Algeria, 6pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)
  • Group E: Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea, 6pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe)
  • Group F: Gambia vs Tunisia, 9pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe)
  • Group F: Mali vs Mauritania, 9pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)

AFCON 2021 round-of-16 fixtures and results

Sunday, January 23

  • Game 1: Group A runner-up vs Group C runner-up, 6pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe)
  • Game 2: Group D winner vs Group B/E/F third-place, 9pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua)

Monday, January 24

  • Game 3: Group B runner-up vs Group F runner-up, 6pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Game 4: Group A winner vs Group C/D/E third-place, 9pm (Olembe Stadium, Yaounde) 

Tuesday, January 25

  • Game 5: Group B winner vs Group A/C/D third-place, 6pm (Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam)
  • Game 6: Group C winner vs Group A/B/F third-place, 9pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde) 

Wednesday, January 26

  • Game 7: Group E winner vs Group D runner-up, 6pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)
  • Game 8: Group F winner vs Group E runner-up, 9pm (Limbe Stadium, Limbe) 

AFCON 2021 quarter-final fixtures and results

Saturday, January 29

  • Quarter-final 1: Round-of-16 game 4 winner vs Round-of-16 game 3 winner, 6pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)
  • Quarter-final 2: Round-of-16 game 1 winner vs Round-of-16 game 2 winner, 9pm (Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua) 

Sunday, January 30

  • Quarter-final 3: Round-of-16 game 7 winner vs Round-of-16 game 6 winner, 6pm (Olembe Stadium, Yaounde)
  • Quarter-final 4: Round-of-16 game 5 winner vs Round-of-16 game 8 winner, 9pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala) 

AFCON 2021 semi-final fixtures and results

Wednesday, February 2

  • Semi-final 1: Quarter-final 1 winner vs Quarter-final 4 winner, 9pm (Japoma Stadium, Douala)

Thursday, February 3

  • Semi-final 2: Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner, 9pm (Olembe Stadium, Yaounde)

AFCON 2021 third-place match

Sunday, February 6

  • Semi-final 1 loser vs Semi-final 2 loser, 6pm (Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo, Yaounde)

AFCON 2021 final

Sunday, February 6

  • Semi-final 1 winner vs Semi-final 2 winner, 9pm (Olembe Stadium, Yaounde) 

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BaGono 1 week ago

Zimbabwe 2 Malawi1

Achimwene Phiri 1 week ago

Machona bwanji !
Zim will win only if they hire a referee from their electoral board (Zec), otherwise your boys won't see e goal posts... Malawi2:0

Achimwene Phiri 1 week ago

@Bright, zvazvoita bro

Bright 1 week ago

Azviite izvozvo

Brian 1 week ago

Mboko tokumamisa manje


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Tafman 1 week ago

The battle of the clowns&novices, Zim need to win thought i don't see any of them scoring 1 week ago

Nigeria irikurova bhora... Kusvasvanga vana Pharaoh.... The likes of Imatalo Amudhidhi,Omboronyo Jendevive and Athundah Bhemuche was performing zvisingaite

Mboko 1 week ago

Zim bhora .haigone... Same same ne zanu pf..kungomamira...

Mboko 1 week ago

@Warrior,iwe usandiudza zvekuitw,haisi app yako...I say what want whenever I want...haigone haigone...inomama chete,mucharara nebhutsu.

Warrior 1 week ago

Ndozvaunoita kana wasvika kubasa kuudza company yese kuti mukadzi wangu haagone bonde, haagone kubika?

Warrior 1 week ago

Ndoo panoshanda patriotism apa. If you don't want to support the warriors don't come to tell us here. And don't go to the stadium as well if they are playing at home. Comments section he sport we need only those supporting warriors. Vasingaide stay at your homes kana ku commenter dzimwe nyaya idzo

Warrior 1 week ago

Saka iwewe unongouya pano kuzotiudza kuti Zimbabwe haigone? We don't need to be told that. Takakunzwa kare kuti wakati hatigone. Don't keep repeating it to us. Save your energy to better your life, kwete kungouya uchitaura zvinhu zvimwechete izvozvo. Zimbabwe is not Arsenal or Chelsea where you choose. Whenever they play we support them because it's our nation. Kana yabuda we then look for another team to support. That's what a real person does. Kwete zvaurikuita izvo. Do better things with your life bro. Dai paidiwa data to comment dai uchiwawata zvaunoita izvo?

🇿🇼Warriors 🇿🇼 1 week ago

⚽⚽ bhora mughedhi vakomana ....

Bright 1 week ago

Haaa tongiti Go vakomana Go


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