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AFCON 2019 Super-fan Alvin Zhakata Stuck In Cameroon, Lives In Streets

AFCON 2019 Super-fan Alvin Zhakata Stuck In Cameroon, Lives In Streets

Warriors super-fan, Alvin “Aluvah” Zhakata is reported to be still stuck in Cameroon, living on the streets of Yaounde, more than two months after the delayed 2021 AFCON finals ended.

He was set to return home in February but was forced to abandon the trip after he was told at the airport in Yaounde, that he had some outstanding bills to pay.

Since then, according to the reports, he has been living on the Yaounde streets.

A correspondent for the authoritative website, Kigoum Wandji, interviewed him this week and indicated that Aluvah is having a very hard time. He said in the interview conducted in the backyard of the Arenah Hotel. He said:

I’m exhausted. I’m starting to get depressed. God only knows if I will return to my country alive.

Aluvah who is the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) super-fan was evicted from Arenah Hotel for “unpaid bills.”

The report said the Zimbabwean national has been squatting at the back of this establishment located in the Olembe district, not far from the stadium that hosted the opening and final of the CAN 2021 in Cameroon.

The report further says that Aluvah who collapsed after the clash between Malawi and Morocco has lung disease and is afraid that he will never see his family again.

Alvin Zhakata, a freelance Zimbabwean sports consultant, arrived in Cameroon and took up residence at the Arenah Hotel in Yaoundé on 15 January.

When Zimbabwe was eliminated, the Zimbabwean delegation left Cameroon on 22 January after paying all its hotel bills but Alvin Zhakata chose to stay to watch the final scheduled for February 6.

He faced challenges in settling his bill and Cameroon Football Federation boss, Samuel Eto’o had to intervene and pay for Aluvah.

Zhakata was then due to leave Cameroon on 2 February but, once at the airport, he was told that it was required that he pay a penalty of 387 euros.

He did not have the money so he returned to the hotel and since then, accommodation and nutrition bills have piled up.

Alvin Zhakata owes the Arenah Hotel 1500 euros and he must also pay new penalties for his plane ticket of around 472 euros.

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Charity 3 months ago

Dei ari Tatelicious izvozvi mari yatodigwa nevarume asi kana kana ari umwe murume nyangara, denga hatiripindi. Help the prodigal son uyo

THE FIEND 3 months ago

For your own information Tatelicious is a Father of certain child in Harare, the mother was once a maid at Tatelicious parents house back then.
As for the term Hermaphrodite, that's the correct definition of addressing Tatelicious status.

Worzell Gummidge 3 months ago

No. Tatelicious is a Transgender Person, sometimes reffered to as a "Tranny or Dyke". Transgender is the "T" in LGBTQI. She was born a man, but later she underwent a ****ual change procedure to become a waman. She said she always felt like a woman, but had been assigned the wrong gender. She can never have children unless she adopts them.

THE FIEND 3 months ago

Tatelicious is both male and female at the same time, a Hermaphrodite.In case you didn't know. Those guys take care of each other.

Ribvungu 3 months ago

he must learn to spend within his limits.

The King of Serpents 3 months ago

Wise words

kkkkkk 3 months ago

kuda zvinhu ngaagare akadaro

6killer disease 3 months ago

taura ako ngagareko

General 3 months ago

uyuwo uyu achatinetsa

I watta 3 months ago

Uyu ngambogara ikoko. Mamwe ma risk anotora akanyanyisa. Anoda kubatsirwa stereki zvakuzobhowa manje. Every Afcon new stories of him .

inini 3 months ago

ngaaende kumapurazi ashande akamirira kudhipotiwa

gogodera 3 months ago

pama billion aye ngavabvise mshoma vabatsiire mwana


Miss A 3 months ago

Cant ZIFA help ???

Miss A 3 months ago

Please do my love.

THE FIEND 3 months ago

I can help sweetheart.

SC 3 months ago

someone must run USD campaign "Bring Aluvah Home" for our fellow brethren

zaset 3 months ago

those go#fund#me campaighns usually are done by chancers who want to pocket out from the well wishers

ßomeone will be a millionner after that
do u remember a lady who dd go fund me of black lives matter,she took the proceeds of 6million USD and bought an Estate

iwatta 3 months ago

Bringing home for wat. Aimbotsvagei ikoko from the first place. Every Afcon a donation for Aluvah. We are sick and tired for him . He has made his own bed so he should lie on it

rhodes 3 months ago

where is ed

ed lite 3 months ago

munhumutapa office ,what dd u want to him?

Baba Gumede 3 months ago

how can a so called super fan fail to fund his way back to the country ????????? when he went to Cameroon in the first place did he not have a budget in place ???????? this guy needs to grow up and stop acting childish.

iwatta 3 months ago

l agree with you baba Gumede. This guy is now annoying.

Sir njenge 3 months ago

Rudo rwevebhora rakaendepi, betserai mwana

Mangethe 3 months ago

He is also a Dynamos Fan ......No wonder why Dynamos lost to Bosso

Bro G 3 months ago

Quite an unfortunate scenario.

💪monya dete 💪 3 months ago

pasi nezanu pf!!!!

🤪 3 months ago

kkkkkkkk zvapinda papi futi izvozvi

Aluva 3 months ago

guys ndioneiwo ndaato chigunduru kunno ku Yaunde ....ndaakutoponera muma bin ........ingoitai kanzatu kanzatu mongondimhanyirawo theme # go fund Aluva ndiwanewo bag muma social media umu

Blabber 3 months ago

To be honest, this guy has serious issues! He should grow up and be realistic! Where was he going without enough money for the trip? Let alone with his heart condition! Doesn't he have better things to do? Unless maybe it was all a money making gamble he made hoping the publicity would open up opportunities! Aakutinyadzisa manje!

Blabber 3 months ago

Apa hanzi he “chose to stay so he could watch the final”😂😂😂 anopenga muface uyo!

Baba Gumede 3 months ago

he is a fool this boy and he needs to grow up , he thinks we all did not want to go to Cameroon to watch afcon .

Miss A 3 months ago

I guess after this he will retire being super Fan. But honestly Zifa should help!!!

Mary 3 months ago

Ngaagare ikoko anofarisa maningi uyu

Aluva 3 months ago

Guys ndirikuno kuCameroon tirikutosuka motor mustreet naana boys ,life is going on i will start a new family here dnt worry abt mr
what will i do is to marry a cameroon widow here she is filthy rich her hubby died in an accident 7years back
the lady run runns some Motels,phamacies
we are planning of moving in this April
itai yamukuita ikoko boys musandityira

??? 3 months ago

wen he prefered to wait for the final, he had a team he wanted to watch up the finals and it was not Zim, so he should shift his focus to that country for help, he siezed to be ours.

Ian Mapuranga 3 months ago

One thing that i learnt when i arrived in South Africa back in 2017 is that nobody owes you anything in this world and to never EVER go somewhere without enough funds people are not so loving out there.....

That being said our footballers who were being supported by this guy can do something to bring him back home.....

Zimbabweans in the diaspora can contribute for a dead body to come home but a living Zimbabwean can struggle and people will actually discuss as if it's something good

In this life NEVER laugh at someone because of their current situation

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

If he dies he will get support ndozvaari maZimba havagoni kubatsira vasingachemi...

kartel 3 months ago

ane cash box redzungu

Night xul Graduate 3 months ago

isu vamwe titoriwo ma football fanatic but because tatisina Mari afcon taitoionera kubhawa kwete zvekuenda Cameron woguma wava mu street.

The Zebra 3 months ago

this guy should be brought back home and be prosecuted for embarrassing Zim

sama 3 months ago

Ane mhuri here iyeye ?kana ainayo achasvika mkadzi aenda haanga gariri matakanana akadero baba vanoita gore rese varikubhora

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