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About 550 Malawian Citizens In Zimbabwean Prisons

About 550 Malawian Citizens In Zimbabwean Prisons

About 550 Malawian citizens are said to be in Zimbabwean prisons after they were caught trying to sneak into South Africa without proper travel documents.

According to authorities, 317 Malawians are in prison in the capital Harare, 83 are in a prison in the Midlands city of Gweru, 82 in Chivhu and 86 in Mvuma.

The majority of the immigrants had no intention of staying in Zimbabwe as they were caught en route to South Africa, according to Nation Africa.

Malawi has since sought help from international institutions such as the International Migration Organisation (IOM) to facilitate the return of its citizens.

IOM Zimbabwe spokesperson Fadzai Nyamande-Pangeti confirmed that the organisation was considering the request from the Malawian government. Ms Nyamande-Pangeti said:

We are supporting the government (of Zimbabwe) through the provision of varied logistical support as we always do where funding is available.

We cannot provide any other details on the progress of this operation or how long these Malawian nationals have been in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Livit Mugejo said the embassy of Malawi is processing their papers for them to go back to Malawi. He said:

These are not prisoners, they were only intercepted and found to have inadequate papers.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission says it is not ideal for immigrants to be locked up in prisons with criminals as this was a violation of human rights violations.

Immigrants from across Africa use Zimbabwe as an entry point into South Africa due to the country’s porous borders.

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Sparta 1 week ago

Zim police zvekuisa vanhu vanetumhosva tusina basa mujeri ndizvozvainogona mhosva hombe chaidzo vanodzikundikana nekuda kwe corruption

Jakudunya 1 week ago

Saka kusungwa kwaSikhala kukukufadza?????

Vendor 1 week ago

Busy kumukira kushanda isu ma vendor tonaz... Tsveee vanedzi mhosva kwadza... Kusungirwa ku chengeta mhuri yangu

pk 1 week ago

vanovabata kuitira kuti kujeri kuve nevanorowa vanaSikhala burkina faso kkkkkkkk

R.G Mugabe (ghost 1 week ago

Zim haina police yakareplacer police maZanu ndopolice yemuZimba the country is fill of corruption from top official kusvika kune anotsvaira maooffices e Zanu pf

Manex 1 week ago

Zimbabwe ma1,, aah takungotarisa isu, we are truly fed up

Petty criminal 1 week ago

Zim cops are crazy..😂😂...busy chasing after malawians...most likely their real crime is that they didn't have money to grease the cops

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Regai mabwidi adzokere kumba

Wake Up 1 week ago

How many boader jumpers are in S.A cells. whats wrong about that.

You people blame everything. even the sun in Zim to you is not bright.

Fourth hokage 1 week ago


biggie smalls 1 week ago

SA doesn't lock up immigrants it deports them unless they r from nations that need air transport then they wait for their no's to reach a certain level, now imagine the proximity of malawi to zim?

kk 1 week ago

well said aah imwe negativity yacho it's too much then if pple think that Zimbabwean police havashande paramhos aka oune zvako


Dudula 1 week ago

send them back to their country sezvatrikuitwa kuSA

Tindo 1 week ago

Taura hako iwe, apa vanhu vose ava vanoda chikafu everyday and it is taxpayers money I kushanda ipapo. Why not send them back to their country pane kuchengeta zvichikosta?

mubwidi 1 week ago

some one is sleeping on duty send them back to their country than giving them food daily.

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