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Abigail Mohadi ZEC Job: "Chin'ono Should Blame Chamisa For Chigumba's Appointment" - Mwonzora

Abigail Mohadi ZEC Job:

MDC-T leader, Senator Douglas Mwonzora has accused freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono of double standards after the latter blamed the opposition party for the appointment of Mrs Abigail1 Ambrose-Mohadi to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). In a series of Twitter messages seen by Pindula News, Mwonzora said Chin’ono never blamed Nelson Chamisa, then representative of the MDC, when ZEC chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba was appointed under similar circumstances. Mwonzora responded to the accusations:

Hopewell Chingono seeks to blame the MDC for the appointment of Mrs Abigail Ambrose-Mohadi by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as Commissioner in ZEC. This is just the usual and cheap propaganda. The record has to be set straight.

Ever since the promulgation of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the MDC has been part and parcel of the interviewing of Commissioners of all Independent Commissions. However, it has never numerically dominated the interviewing panels.

When Priscilla Chigumba was interviewed at Parliament some time ago MDC was represented by Nelson Chamisa, Prosper Mutseyami and Innocent Gonese in the interviewing panel. Why then does Chin’ono not blame them for Chigumba’s appointment?

This year Commissioner Ambrose-Mohadi was shortlisted on the basis of her qualifications which were objectively verified. We did not consider the circumstances of her birth as a basis for her disqualification.

During the interviews the MDC representatives including myself constituted 30% of the interviewing panel. On the basis of partisanship alone, it follows that the MDC could not singularly decide the outcome of interviews.

During the interview, individual panellists assign scores to the candidate. An aggregate score is then prepared for each candidate. This takes into account the score by each member of the panel. The top 15 candidates were then shortlisted.

From the list of the 15 candidates, the President was supposed to appoint the six Commissioners using his own discretion in terms of the constitution. In that final selection, no member of Parliament has any say.

It is unfair to blame any MP for the final choice that the President makes. However, there is no law currently that disallows children of prominent people or politicians from being appointed to public positions.

The procedure regarding the interview of Commissioners was the same this year when we sat in the Ambrose-Mohadi interview as it was when Chamisa, Innocent Gonese and Prosper Mutseyami set in the Chigumba interview. 

Meanwhile, critics say Mwonzora it’s misleading for Mwonzora to maintain that Abigail Mohadi was qualified for the post, especially after her “inability to answer any question.”

Davis Laque says, in as far as qualifications are concerned, “it’s clear that Abigal Mohadi found herself on that list of candidates interviewed by Parliament through the Standing Rules and Orders Committee (SROC), not because of any capacity.” 

He also said it is misleading for Mwonzora to claim that with 30% membership in the SROC, MDC-T had no power to decide the outcome of the interviews as they could veto Mohadi’s candidature.

Laque also says is aware that by virtue of being a child of a ZANU PF Vice President, Abigal Mohadi’s candidature for the ZEC post is controversial and militates against basic principles of governance.  

He also said the cases of Abigail Mohadi and that of Chigumba are different because, unlike Mohadi, the ZEC chair “wasn’t a clear ‘controversial’ candidate as she actually showed qualifications for the job.”

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Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

Mwonzora defender of the offender

Senior Lawyer Lawyer 3 weeks ago

Hapana zvozikanwa Mwonzora

dispenser 3 weeks ago

batsiraiwo mwonzora

Melody 3 weeks ago

haauye kubhora Mwonzora ambosiana nezve politics akundikana but he will be a mere supporter cause is clueless akaita zve pitch invasion tomumamisa
Bosso 2 Manica 0 kindly note that we are coming to top 2 whether you like it or not ✌️

citizen 3 weeks ago

vane nzeve vanzwa zvataurarwa nasenator

Lacoste 3 weeks ago

Who is Davis Laque?

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 3 weeks ago

Muzorewa's response is the usual bootlicking message signals ...mwonzora is singing for his supper since his political career has been cancelled by the emergency of CCC
ngaasiyane nazvo angojoina zanu yake akanyarra



For a moment I thought Advocate Mwonzora had become of age now. But it would seem both me and him we still have a lot of work to do.

Advocate Douglas Mwonzora should be persuaded to drop his pleasure in talking IIl of other opposition political parties. He should drop that penchant of picking up fights with those in the opposition.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

kzzz 3 weeks ago

mwonzora ngaanyarare he's just an appendage of zanu a blabbermouth

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Nzondora's argument doesn't hold water. First and foremost, Chigumba's qualifications are beyond reproach. Noone could have foreseen that she would turn out to be a bad egg. Similarly Nzondora himself (together with Lovemore Madhuku) is another case in point. A well qualified lawyer, sharp as an activist in the heyday of The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) and MDC under Tsvangirai. Who would have foreseen that both Madhuku and Nzondora would sell out the dream for democratic change because of personal ambition for power?

Having read the interview transcript of Abigail Mohadhi's interview it is patently clear that she shouldn't have been part of the 25 names put forward to ED for consideration.

Nzondora's attempt to paint Chamisa, Gonese and Mutseyami as complicit in nefarious behaviour of ZANU does not wash.

Mudhumeni 3 weeks ago

Vana Nzvon'ora ngavatinyararire

Seguranza 3 weeks ago

Hanzi naNzondora ndarota,I emphasize ndarota,kwaitwa maelections zvichingonzi Mnangagwa, Mwonzora, Mnangagwa, Mwonzora, Mwonzora. Kobva akuti Ra Ra Ra Ra. Rabishi.Wakupenga.

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

Mwonzora a defender of nonsense! Come 2023 uchawana zero votes iwe

cde naked 3 weeks ago

Dougie dougie you are living in cloud cukoo land you embicile. Shut up and go away you rat chingoitai merger neZanu makanyarara

sekuru zvaita 3 weeks ago

hapana zvazvoshanda dai mangosiya. sekuru zvai

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