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A Three-Year-Old Scot Drowns While Visiting Grandparents In Zimbabwe

A Three-Year-Old Scot Drowns While Visiting Grandparents In Zimbabwe

TJ Mathe, a three-year-old boy from Knightswood, Glasgow, drowned in rainwater in an unused pool in his grandparents’ garden on March 30.

The Knightswood Early Years Centre pupil had travelled to the southern African country without his mum and dad on March 26 to meet his gran and grandad for the first time.

His parents Edwin and Medina Mathe were unable to go on the trip with him due to immigration constraints, so TJ flew over with his uncle

Edwin, who works at Gartnavel Hospital, said their lives have been turned upside down by the death of their ‘precious’ little boy who has been described as ‘their world.’ He added:

Some days are better. Some are not so good. Our memories of our son are helping us through.

Medina’s cousin Tichawona Dauramanzi said the couple is heartbroken. He told the Daily Record:

They are absolutely devastated. TJ was their life. He was so precious to them.

Their whole world revolved around TJ and what’s happened has absolutely shattered them. He was their only child and they loved him dearly. We all did.

TJ’s death has shocked and saddened all of us. It’s a tragic, very sad situation.

Because of issues with Edwin and Medina’s Visas they weren’t able to travel with TJ and now they haven’t been able go over to be with their boy or to find out what exactly happened. All they know is what we have been told on the phone.

Tichawona said a post-mortem examination was carried out and TJ’s cause of death was put down as an accidental drowning.

He added that the kids were playing around an unused pool and when TJ hadn’t been seen for a little while, family members started to look for him only to find him in the pool.

Gemma Garbett, TJ’s keyworker at Knightswood Early Years Centre set up a fundraising page to help raise money to bring his body home to Scotland.

TJ’s body is to be flown home to Scotland this Wednesday after about £3 700 has been raised.

Tichawona said the family have been overwhelmed by the community’s generosity.

To donate click here.

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Nono 4 weeks ago

It's so painful to a parent to bury your child.May the almighty console the child's parents

parent 4 weeks ago

personally i wouldnt send my child.away without proper escort at that age he needed either mother or father.present.
Strange.they now call scotland home? i would not...not for anything

deil 3 weeks ago

when u set your papers in order why not call scotland home

u had citizenship
permanent resident
u live where u spend most of your time at
rip mathe

Vee 4 weeks ago

hmmm so young may his soul rest in peace

ma1 4 weeks ago

mmm pakaipa xoo


King Adoe 🤴🏼 4 weeks ago

yoooh xem, May his soul rest in peace 😭

Maontso 3 weeks ago

Very sad sure...may Jehovah...wash their tears....

zimboy 4 weeks ago

sooo sad...shame

Gogodera 4 weeks ago

Vemumaraini vadya mwana kutaura chirungu uku

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