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A Motswana Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Fuel To Zimbabwe

A Motswana Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Fuel To Zimbabwe

Botswana police have arrested a Motswana along the country’s border with Zimbabwe after trying to smuggle 1 450 litres of petrol into Zimbabwe.

Police in Tshesebe recovered the fuel from the suspect along the Botswana-Zimbabwe border.

Tshesebe Police Station commander, Amos Kekgathetse told local media that the suspect was caught with 58 containers of 25 litres filled with petrol at Moroka village, a few kilometres from the border. Kekgathetse said:

The suspect, who was travelling alone at the time, is still in police custody.

Some of the charges he is facing include failure to package hazardous goods in a prescribed container, driving hazardous goods without a hazardous [product] licence.

Kekgathetse said the seized petrol will be confiscated as prescribed by the Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority Act.

Kekgathetse said criminals use illegal routes to transport fuel to avoid paying tax at the Ramokgwebana border post. 

Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa’s borders, reported to be very porous, are being used by criminals and tax evaders for smuggling of goods and even human beings.

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The Adjudicator 1 month ago

He is under arrest. l rest my case.🔨

putin 1 month ago

muregeyi auyekuzotoraa maUs zim yadhura peturu

Tkt 1 month ago

Izvozvo hazvinga itike kuborder reMozambique nyangwe ririro the most porous border!
Munefa baba mukada kungoti pfo nepese pese, follow the routes dziripo chero uine zvinopisa zvakaita sei, boys will meet you wobhadhara DUTY kwavari wotopinda nengwanda dzavo
All these bales pass in the face 😀 of POLICE & ARMY details deployed in the border musambo funga henyu kuti vanonzvenga hazvi itike izvozvo!
I operated in that border too bad that handina pandisinga zive from Mahenye in Chipinge up to Chirundu
At one point we intercepted 3 UD95 trucks laden with Hullets Sugar near the Border in Chipinge
There was nothing we could do except take money and let them do their job 😂😂😂😂 it was around 500us at that time in 2015 so CORRUPTION haipere muno zviroto izvo

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Crime is everywhere...

Phiri Cardin 1 month ago

CCC is a clean party of perfect people.They do not steal but kupomba jawi..

Hgahaha 1 month ago

Akangopusawo mutswana uyo, why divulge kuti he intended to go ku Zim since he was arrested while still in Botswana? Dai akatsvaga zvimwe zvekutaura otherwise aibudirira mukusasungwa.


Tkt 1 month ago

@mafira,,,, bambo, you may talk as you wish. Call us ZANU-PF stools or what, myself & others, the reason is we flow in your veins, you feel us always & no matter how hard you try you can'tchange reality by yourselves even if you be millions against one person, ZANU-PF will still conquer, paaaasi nemhanduuuuuu

BB&CB 1 month ago

Imagine the price of fuel in zim if govt remove tax on fuel, we'll be happy again❗❗❗

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