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A Clan Of Hyenas Attacks Zaka Family

A Clan Of Hyenas Attacks Zaka Family

A Zaka couple and their son were left wounded after they were attacked by a clan of hyenas in Bota communal lands on Monday afternoon.

Robert Maroyi, his wife Muchanyara Maroyi and their son Rwatinga Maroyi, of Mapfumo village, have since been hospitalised at Musiso Hospital where they are receiving treatment after being attacked by three hyenas.

The Herald reports that the trio was trying to protect its cattle from the hyenas which then turned on them and attacked them.

Other villagers came to the rescue of the Maroyis and managed to scare away the hyenas.

The three were taken to Musiso Hospital where their condition is critical but stable.

Zimparks spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo confirmed the incident and revealed they had deployed a team of rangers to hunt down the marauding hyenas. Said Farawo:

Our team (of game rangers) is on the ground to trek the hyenas. Those who were attacked are hospitalised and are out of danger as of now.

The attack on the Zaka family by the hyenas is one of the several reported cases of human/wildlife conflict countrywide. The latest case has instilled fear in some considering that the attack occurred during the day.

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bhasvi 2 weeks ago

chimhukaa ichii Soo ndosaka chichi**** ndove inopisa. mudhoto wacho unogara uchiviraa

i 2 weeks ago

tinehurombo nekurumwa kwevaroyi

point 2 weeks ago

l think you are the one whz doing witchcraft because a normal human bn will not do this

Chimboti Pizza 2 weeks ago

@i, hazvisekese

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

In tha jungle the mighty jungle hyenas sleep at knight and hunt day time if there is easy prey like cows, donkeys etc.

Buhera🇿🇼07 is home to hyenas and people dont respect them, i tell them that hyenas are dangerous and have the strongest jaws of all dogs and can also kill female lions if out numbered. a clan of hyenas can be made of over 50 of them, they call each other when they see prey that needs team work 😂

Rudhanda 2 weeks ago

Oh sorry Gono rangu.VaNyajena vangu.


I was born and bred in Hurungwe District which is infested with hynas. I have never heard of citizens who have been attacked by hynas.

Citizens in Hurungwe have had problems with lions which at times kill their livestock. Normally hynas attack and kill goats, donkeys, sheep and at rare times kill cattle too. When they are challenged by human beings they run away. It is not normal for hynas to move around during the day within people.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Gwedu 2 weeks ago

Zimparks must pay these people who are spending sleepless nights monitoring their cattle from hyena attacks. Personally I don't think this ranger based approach to be working when it comes to wildlife conservation. Something must be done on the Parks and Wildlife Act for the sake of those people who live with these stingy scavenges!! Kana musingadi takuisa poison manje zvife!!


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Embrace animals dont tame them coz they happen to have rabies 😀
Hyenas have so much appetite that can eat stick with blood stains and its the same appetite that drives them to scavenge on lion kills kuzoti munhuwo zvake asina ma claws 😂

Mukadota 2 weeks ago

Masikati here?

ICE CUBE 2 weeks ago


Two Boy 2 weeks ago

Hyena attacks are uncommon but not rare. Accidents can happen any time of the day. Food is becoming less and less in the wild. Much of animal habitats are disappearing and the few animals will are caging them. What is left for animals like hyenas is not enough.

MASHURA!!! 2 weeks ago


Zaka 2 weeks ago


Zaka 2 weeks ago

zvinosiririsa ..inzwai tsitsi

Mukadota 2 weeks ago

Hyenas attacking human beings?? Masikati??? Nyika yashanduka

gafa 2 weeks ago

iiii chimhuka ichi chanetsa pa **** land central North zvri kudya mbudzi nemombe

tumai 1 week ago


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