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A 22-old Man Kills A Soldier On Christmas

A 22-old Man Kills A Soldier On Christmas

A 22-year-old man was arrested for stabbing and killing a soldier on Christmas Day, according to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

A police statement seen by Pindula News does not state the reason behind the murder. Reads the statement:

The ZRP has arrested Ronald Ncube (22) for a murder case in which he fatally stabbed a ZNA officer, Simesihle Mkandla (24), with a knife at St LukeÔÇÖs Business Centre on 25/12/22. The Police express concern with suspects, who are moving around with okapi knives and attacking people who will be trying to stop them from using the weapons to commit crime.

Meanwhile, ZRP Silobela has arrested Blessing Maphosa (40) for a case of murder in which he allegedly assaulted Mandla Moyo (47) several times on the head with a log after the victim had tried to rebuke him during a domestic dispute with his wife.

The incident occurred at Mazibeka village on 25 December 2022. Moyo victim sustained head injuries and succumbed to the injuries on 27 December 2022.

In another case, the ZRP is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Clever Mudzengerere (24) in connection with a murder case in which he allegedly fatally assaulted Tungamirirai Munyanywa (28) in the company of two unknown accomplices, in Mudzi on boxing day.

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Bobo 1 month ago

zimboz are killing each other daily what is the problem .no respect to human life no humanity

,. 1 month ago

Vanonzwa vakuru vanoti "PASI Nevasingavasapoti"

1 month ago

A trait inhereted from zanupf who have ruled by violence.
Even our police force use violence against the public.

Solo 1 month ago

the script must be clear was the soldier in uniform or not

Jojola@07 1 month ago

I'm with you there ...they must have indicated the **** of the victim but I personally as someone who once lived in Matabeleland knows that the soldier was a woman

gava 1 month ago

police must arrest all those criminals without fail and the judiciary must exercise their authority without fear or favour

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

sometimes these soldiers causes trouble bragging around...vanozviti vanorova vasingabatikr vachityisidzira vanhu that has to stop kupfeka uniform azvireve wakurova nyika yose andisi kusapota hangu zvakaitika asi masoja dzimwe nguva vanozvinyanya kushandisa chitupa pese pese

­čÉŐ 1┬ámonth ago

yah apo wataura... uniformed guys should also show respect to civilians and not take advantage of uniforms they will be wearing.
On the other hand we do not encourage violence.

Responsible citizen 1 month ago

Wataura @scott .kazhinji masoja ndoanotanga ma civilian . Anyway ngaazorore murugare mu Gunners uyu..The suspect should face the law

1 month ago

According to witnesses, the accused called the soldier w a name he ddnt like, the soldier attacked him, the accused retaliated and stabbed him on the stomach

gora 1 month ago

ndizvozvo pfidza nekuti vanhu vanenge vakarongerana zvakashata pazvinhu zvisingadivi pamuzuva irero Saka mbemberei zvakanaka tichikurudzirwa kuti pasave nezvakashata God bless you


phidza 1 month ago

kamweya kekurovana paxmas kanoda kubviswa muvanhu and zuva irori rinembonje nekufa kwevanhu vakawanda

1 month ago

That's true @Phidza Hameno kuti kakabva kupi kamweya ikaka especially kumamisha pamatownship zvakabvira kare zvichiitika It's supposed to be a 'merry' day but people hurt and kill each other

Tkt 1 month ago

@pfidza... une nhamo kana uchifunga kuti kamweya ikako kacha pera bcoz the day was borne out of Massacres!

screw driver 1 month ago

We are living in last days were people are not afraid to kill one another and practise all acts of evil personally i want to say lets learn to fear God and everything will be okay God bless you

Major 1 month ago

I feel pity for the community where the soldier was murdered.... The Military has a tendency of lashing out on the whole community to set a record..... Heads will roll

God hevy mercy 1 month ago

ama 2000

Tkt 1 month ago

.. and still, another will be murdered in the process!

Führer 1 month ago

These youths are given drugs by the CCC malitia to cause havoc the military must enter the area and sanitize these ccc elements.

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Vafana vechiganaz vanoda kutonga pese pese
But anyway

1 month ago

Pano hapashaikwe vakamboprunwa nesomeki

nyanga 1 month ago

kuno kutorine hondo nemasoja names,someki rinoti rikapinda mubhawa rotorera vanhu doro kana matoken esnooker,hazviperi mushe,hunting the hunter who is also hunting,some of these solders are heartless

@fuhrer 1 month ago

you are such an idhiyoti pfungwa dzako adzishande go and enrol ku ecd

ziko 1 month ago

Xmas day it's atrue satanic day go to hospitals they are full of Xmas victims assaults road accidents we have to pray and stop drinking zvibhod****

Foreman 1 month ago

Jeri sstraight.mitemo ngaiomeswe.

1 month ago

Hanzi takakumbira kuti mwari werugare ambozorora kuuye mwari we Hondo .,..

1 month ago


zuze 1 month ago

our government is an architect when it comes to killing its own people,so everyone is coping up,so bad

mdra 1 month ago

chero porisi redu riku urayawo

Tateguru 1 month ago

I think it should be said he was arrested for killing a man rather than for killing a soldier. Killing a soldier meaning killing a uniformed man on whatever duty.

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