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7 Useful Internet Things You Can Do For Free - Without Buying Data Bundles

7 Useful Internet Things You Can Do For Free - Without Buying Data Bundles

The Pindula App is one of the few mobile apps in Zimbabwe that you can use without buying data bundles. If you have an Econet line, it’s a matter of just downloading the APK and installing it.

You can download it here: or you can do so on Google Play here: 

Here are 7 things you can do with the app:

1. Read trustworthy news

This is the best way to stay updated on Zimbabwean News as well as the region and internationally. Pindula has news that is curated by our team of editors to make it free of bias and fake news.

2. Browse Zimbabwean Job Vacancies

In February we introduced the vacancies section and this has quickly become one of the most-used sections of the Pindula App. We add several jobs every day from large companies such as Econet, Old Mutual, Delta. We also add local university intakes as they are announced.

3. Find products to buy in the Pindula Market

The Pindula market has thousands of products like Cars, Clothing, Hair and Beauty, Mabhero, Farming Supplies, Smartphones, and TVs. There are also many service providers listed there such as Builders, Tilers, O Level and A Level online teachers, Transportation providers, graphic designers and developers.

You can also list your products and services on the platform for free using the app.

4. Read Technology News on Techzim

The Techzim news platform is a great way to stay updated with tech. We post about new local tech products and opportunities of using internet tools in your life and business. Techzim is available through the Pindula App.

5. Buy NetOne airtime with EcoCash

For those of us that have NetOne lines but with their money in an EcoCash wallet, the Pindula app makes it possible to buy NetOne airtime and data using the EcoCash. The Airtime topup is instant!

6. Buy Zesa Tokens

Are you running out of Zesa? You can easily buy your ZESA tokens inside the Pindula app using EcoCash or OneMoney.

7. Pay for your Nyaradzo Premiums

Yes, if you’re a Nyaradzo subscriber, you don’t need to visit Nyaradzo offices in person. You can just open the app and make your monthly payments.

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