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7 Useful Android Apps That Won't Use Much Space On Your Phone

7 Useful Android Apps That Won't Use Much Space On Your Phone

Low-cost smartphones don’t come with a lot of memory and storage space. Because of this people find themselves needing to “boost” memory, clear junk files, and even delete apps now and again.

The solution is to look for apps that don’t use a lot of space and memory. Such apps free your phone so you can do more.

In this article, we have listed useful lightweight apps that don’t use much space on your phone and also don’t use much data from your bundle. We are doing it for our readers who use Tecnos, Itels, Gtels, cheap Samsung devices, and other such smartphones

1. Files by Google

Files by Google is a file management app that helps you free up space with cleaning recommendations, Find files faster with search and simple browsing. It will also help you share files offline with others even if you don’t have data. Apps having so many features usually come with annoying adverts but in this app, no ads will interrupt you.

App size: 13MB

You can download it here:


2. Pindula

The Pindula app provides news updates and a Buy & Sell platform. The app was designed to work well on smartphones that don’t have a lot of memory and storage.

At just 1.8 megabytes, it can be installed on practically any mobile phone no matter the memory or storage. This is the smallest size app on this list.

If you’re in Zimbabwe and you use the Econet network, you can use this app to browse the news even without data.

App size: 1.8MB

You can download it here:


3. Gallery Go

Gallery Go is an essential app to manage photos on your phone if you have a basic phone. The app is essentially the lightweight version of the regular Google Photos so it works in the same way. The only difference is that this is a much smaller app coming at just 11MB.

What’s more, it works great even without data.

App size: 11MB

Download Gallery Go here:


4. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is the version of the Facebook app that is designed to not use much space on your phone. It’s also an app that is created to work fast even if your phone has limited memory.

After the Pindula app, this is the second smallest size app on this list. 

App size: 2MB

You can download it here:


5. Instagram Lite

As with other “Lite” versions of apps here, Instagram Lite provides a good Instagram experience without costing you too much storage space or memory problems. You can browse through Instagram stories, photos and post pictures without any problems at all. The only issue we found here is that you can’t share videos (to your timeline or stories) or send direct messages.

App size: 2.1 MB

You can download it here:


6. Pinterest Lite

This app does a couple of great things – unlike Instagram Lite, it does not compromise the essential features. You can still use it to discover new African natural hairstyles,  new recipes, or get fashion inspiration. Or you could still just take a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make or do it!

And yes, you can still save your ideas, organize them by topic and share with others with Pinterest Lite.

App size: 2.1MB

Download link:


7. Messenger Lite

This app allows you to still enjoy sending and receiving messages on Facebook without using too much data or space on your phone.The app was designed to be data-efficient. Its efficiency means you can use it in an area with a slow or unstable network.

App size: 15MB

You can download it here:

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