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7 000 More Teachers Are Not Enough - Unions

7 000 More Teachers Are Not Enough - Unions

Teachers’ unions have criticised the move by the government to recruit 7 000 teachers in 2023 saying they are too few.

Presenting the 2023 national budget in Parliament on Thursday, Ncube said the recruitment of a further 7 000 teachers will ensure the delivery of quality education.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure said the move is welcome but does not fully address the shortage of teachers in schools. He said:

Zimbabwe has a shortage of almost 90 000 teachers and more are leaving the profession because of underpayment.

The 7 000 teachers we seek to recruit will be way below the numbers needed. Recruitment is however welcome and we should improve conditions of service to retain quality teachers.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association secretary-general Goodwill Taderera said:

The number of teachers that are being funded is not enough. As we speak, we have serious understaffing in schools.

The number is not enough and that continues to exert pressure on teachers and that affects education.

In June, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Evelyn Ndlovu said the country had a shortfall of 25 000 teachers.

She also said the country has an establishment of 136 000 teachers.

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Recruit more 2 months ago

And underpay

xxx 2 months ago

hazvina basa izvo tipei maupdates eWorld Cup

Fred the ghost 2 months ago

You cant tell us wht to read **** off

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

There will come in numbers coz government is the highest payer in this country currently 😂 kuneva vanofarira kusvoora tangai maverenga coz i didn't say it's paying enough 🤷 chiringuka ichi so you tell me your highest payer then we agree based on level of their education chete...

I love my Country 2 months ago

Even if the government wants to recruit that 90 000, vanobvepi. Ndosaka maisirwa bill nyowani, vanhu munongi criticize government pese pese

Chitepo 2 months ago

Gvt shud recruit everyone

Registered Voter 2 months ago

These Trade unions vane ka brain kekusara. Guys at Universities a kecture can have over 10 classes so these guys should know that come 2023 there will be performance based pay, therefore a tea her tutoring 1 subject might find that they will be competing with someone tutoring 3 subjects have the advantage for the bonus. Saka ava ma unionists akasara zvawo.

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