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6kg Gold Smuggling Saga: "I'm A Victim Of A Malicious Arrest” - Henrietta Rushwaya

6kg Gold Smuggling Saga:

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation President, Henrietta Rushwaya has denied allegations that she tried to bribe an X-Ray machine operator at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in 2020 when she was caught trying to smuggle 6kgs of purified gold to Dubai.

ZimLive reports that Rushwaya’s lawyers applied for discharge before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye, arguing that Rushwaya was the victim of a “malicious arrest”.

Mapiye will rule on the application on August 1.

Rushwaya was detained at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport on October 26, 2020, just before boarding a plane to Dubai with a handbag concealing 6kg of gold worth US$333 000 at the time.

She told airport staff she had picked up the wrong handbag when she raced to the airport, claiming to have identical handbags.

The National Prosecuting Authority alleges that the former Zimbabwe Football Association CEO offered a US$5 000 bribe to Owen Sibanda, who was operating the X-Ray machine after it detected the gold.

Rushwaya’s lawyer Peter Patisani said she would have to be dumb to put a bag through an X-Ray machine in the full knowledge that it had gold. The lawyer said:

This was a malicious arrest. She asked the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe officials to accompany her home to collect the right bag which she intended to travel with, and they did not take up her offer.

Patisani said Sibanda testified that Rushwaya had offered him “5 000” but did not mention if this was currency.

The lawyer said his client cannot be convicted when the court is not even aware of what Sibanda was referring to when he mentioned the number “5 000”. Patisani added:

The state doesn’t know what was offered. Are we talking about 5,000 stones or 5,000 cents, which remains an essential part of the alleged offence?

Rushwaya also said she could not have bribed Sibanda and his colleague Dzikamai Paradza because they were “junior”.

Prosecutor Netsai Mushayabasa said they had proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The “5 000” mentioned by Sibanda was United States dollars, the prosecutor insisted.

The prosecution rested on the first day of the trial.

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VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Ngapinde hake mujeri

Gwedu 2 months ago

Why you alone being the victim. Mai imi namatai imi, otherwise makuda kutibhowa manje. Kwedu kuti kufara here ne zvamakaita. Makatadza nei kuita victim pa Mbare, mozoita pa air
port manje. Imi ka imi iyemi heya!!

Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

The scandals these days, daidzai vakuru vauye 😆

OK, since you didn't ignore this thread, DJ Call Me & Jah Prayzah are working on a banger 😉 hopefully Pindula will post the story.

Policeman 👮 2 months ago

Sorry, but you were caught, live with that fact. 😢

??? 2 months ago

Mmm 9 times out of ten you were successful so stop complaining.

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago


XXX 2 months ago

Iyoo ndiyo nyaya yakapera kudhara yanga iri pachena semhanza yembudzi. Let's not politic our Judiciary system.


fun time 2 months ago

Come on, Ms Rushwaya, do you think you can insult the court of public opinion by claiming that you were not able to feel the 6kg weight in that small handbag? Gold has a funny weight because it is very dense you couldn't have missed the fact twice unless the other handbag contained another 6kg of gold.

Tshaka 2 months ago

When u are said to have bribed someone u hve to offer the money to them not just say l will give u so much without presenting the money so if she only said 5000 without presenting the money l dont think the bribery charge can stick .

??? 2 months ago

Ok Rushwaya, gold rakawanda kudaro raiitei mupurse macho?

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