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6 Army Recruits Died During Eight-month Training

6 Army Recruits Died During Eight-month Training

Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Commander Lieutenant General David Sigauke said six army recruits died during an eight-month training programme that started in July last year and ended on Tuesday, 15 March 2022.

Lieutenant General Sigauke revealed this in his address during a pass-out parade by 2 442 soldiers at the Imbizo Training Depot in Bulawayo. He said:

The training commenced on July 1, 2021, with a total of 2 501 recruits comprising of 2 242 males and 259 females drawn from all our provinces.

Today a total of 2 442 comprising 2 190 males and 252 females are graduating. On a sad note, we lost six recruits who passed on during the time of our training and we say may their souls rest in eternal peace.

A total of 59 recruits failed to make the grade due to various reasons and today they are not in this parade.

Sigauke said the army has the mandate to defend the country’s territorial integrity and warned of threats posed by Jihadists in Mozambique to regional peace and stability.

The army chief also warned the graduates against acts of indiscipline and unprofessional conduct.

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Ashlee 3 months ago

iam confused how do people fail to graduate with others in such a number of 59 while others pass ,
after passing intial and then fail, can someone tell me!!?

Ashlee 3 months ago

iam confused how do people fail to graduate with others in such a number of 59 while others pass ,
after passing intial and then fail, can someone tell me!!?

Three days & 3 months ago

Zvaka presser


❎ 3 months ago

You will soon realise the timing of the despatch of these zna graduates.

Fighting Angels 3 months ago

Army works as a single formidable force.
No special or less special soldier from David the King to the very least we all go to the battle front.
Look at Russia-Ukraine war (Doctors, engineers,pilots, all die) hakuna musoja asiri wehondo.
Classes or segregation is a civilian canker and little knowledge about a thing is very very dangerous.

Cde gwatira 3 months ago

Thank lord if the training ends. Congrats to those who graduate. Our wings are the fortress of the nation. soldier can not die but it multiplies life RlP comrades

》》》 3 months ago

6 people is too much. This is bad. In a normal country, this would have attracted a prompt investigation.

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Army training is not sports trainings are very tough,you die...You join e army, you are PREPARED TO DIE OR KILL... mentality of civilians and that of martials are different...

choshi blue 3 months ago

chinonzi soldier harisi basa rekutamba naro haridi ndonda guys so tiri kut vanhu ngavaendeswe kuma madicals zvakakwana zvekupinzana nema back door munouraisa vana. saka tir kut masoldier edu anofanirwa kunge akasimba vakasasimba nyika inoenda guys. ndinotenda masoldiers akapedza training uyewo nevakashaya ivavo vazororewo mirugare. ndatenda

Figo 3 months ago

Well ..I saw the vacancies on the newspaper and I new that wasn't my job

Gabadela 3 months ago

Tinotenda Mwari kana training yapera. My young brother was part of the training,mmmm hanzi kunofiwa zveshuwa

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Congrats comrades. Zivai zvamakanotrainwa zvekuhondo kwete kuzouya muchiita hondo nemacivilians

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

During peace time they are specialists.. during war time, they're soldiers...

El zorro 3 months ago

Haa kuhondo ndoo kunotoendwa ne musoja wese hakozve kkkkk

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

@Gabadela ichokwadi one of my own is among these soldiers.

Gabadela 3 months ago

These ones havasi vekuhondo,they are professionals vaya vanenge vagara vanema qualifications. Like my boy,he's a surveyor saka vanenge variku engineering division.

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Panofiwa apo kkk

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