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"5.5 Million Zimbabweans Excluded From Electoral Processes"

Dethroned Ntabazinduna chief, Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, recently said that there are 5.5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora who should be allowed to vote in the 2023 elections.

Ndiweni, who is the chairperson of MyRight2Vote pressure group, based in the United Kingdom, said both ZANU PF and ZAPU promised Zimbabweans the right to vote during the liberation struggle, therefore, diasporans should not be denied their fundamental right.

Ndiweni argued that holding an election without citizens based abroad would render the outcome illegitimate. Said Ndiweni:

As a person who has been complaining about diaspora voting, this is a burning issue. It is a human right to be allowed to vote.

About 5.5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora have been denied their right to vote.

To make things worse, this human right was promised during the war of liberation by ZANU PF, by ZAPU.

So, we have a deep historical basis for demanding this right because wherever we look, this right was given and it has been taken from the Zimbabwean populace in the diaspora.

The population in the diaspora is nearly 50% of the voting population in Zimbabwe. This is a formidable percentage.

Ndiweni’s comments came weeks after Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda (ZANU PF) said electoral laws should be amended to allow for diaspora vote.

Mudenda, however, was chided by his party for his remarks. ZANU PF is opposed to the diaspora vote and this is not surprising considering that the majority of Zimbabweans living abroad left the country due to the unfavourable economic environment.

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Elections Observer 2 months ago

The dethroned Chief could start by sharing statistics on his last diaspora census. Diasporians do not satisfy the residency requirement for registration as set out in the Electoral Act.Read today's copy of Newsday (13/6) where the Elections Resources Network have explained it well.

Asylum Seeker 2 months ago

Zanu PF should rule forever n ever. Chi CCC chotivharisira ma papers edu kuno tonzi dzokerai kumusha kwave bhoo.

Asi hauna imba kuno 2 months ago

Kune kwatove bhoo

Diaspora Youth 2 months ago

@Ndiweni: Who told you that we want to vote in Zim elections? We are now British, we have citizenship.

Takaenda takaenda 2 months ago

Check your English don't even have the accent🙄🤫🤭

Mykosho 2 months ago

Apa uripasi pabridge repaMbare

NGO Field Officer 2 months ago

Donors will fund the gvt directly if CCC win elections. So what will happen to our jobs??

true 2 months ago

if ccc win election panenge pandiipira I will lost my job & lose value .. NGOs mabasa edu anopera

vote zanu pf

DuzMan 2 months ago

Check your English mate....rinofanirwa kutopera shuwa coz English yako yaratidza kut wakapinzwa basa naSekuru vako that's why wavekutya😂😂


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