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500 000 Cattle Lost To Tick-borne Diseases

500 000 Cattle Lost To Tick-borne Diseases

Zimbabwe lost more than 55 000 cattle to tick-borne in 2017 and the figure had risen to 500 000 by the year 2020.

This was revealed by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement, John Basera.

He was speaking during the official launch of the Zimbabwe Tick and Tick-borne Disease Control Strategy in Harare on Thursday.

Bhasera said it is critical to safeguarded animal health as livestock are a major source of livelihood for smallholder farmers. He said:

Livestock production is a key enabler in crop production, especially in the communal smallholder sector, where more than 80 per cent of tillage comes from livestock.

Livestock is also a major source of livelihood and serves as a reliable safety net against climate change-induced shocks such as drought, flooding and other natural disasters that affect vulnerable households living in marginal areas.

A safeguarded animal health situation is a prerequisite for increased livestock productivity and safe trade in animal and animal products.

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vet graduate 1 month ago

Its really a heart breaking development to loose such huge number from our national herd,the most victim of these TBD are communal farmers,resettlements A1 & A2 farmers,Ticks are th major parasites which brought trimendous loses & headache to our small farmers,its unfortunate that the ministry of Agric lead by Dr An Masuk scaleu lacks a swifty respond to th reports from farmers and our extension officers who are on th ground & are always keeping a close eye with th farmers,F th gvnmnt lately provide th acaricides or dipping chemicals to th cattle rangers it will be my great concern and advice to farmers that they shud pull th resources together so that they will buy th dip chemical taking advantage of th community plunge dipping system which are already in our community,If a we say each 1usd contributed will cover 2beasts will go a long way with that 10beast will pay 5usd with that we can procure th dipping chemicals for our livestock than to wait for the gvnment allocation Anaplasmosis,heartwater,theriolosis to wipe out our stock

mngane36 2 months ago

Kkkkkkkki stop these stupid jokes you guys are you saying in 2017 ,K55 cattle died,K500 in 2020 and you open your mouths this March you launching zim tick n tick bone strategy wat wat where were
you?. I'll like to disagree with those who say that we're not going anywhere with this Government.We're moving fast and unfortunately we're going backwards.

Un 2 months ago

Hu doctor hwacho unoshaya kuti zvii zvakadzidzwa zvacho

Failing to solve *tick problem* nxaa

Bright 2 months ago

Usaite nharo ka iwewe kana kwamunogara dzisina kufa usabva wati kwese adzina dzitori shoma fti idzi dzakatodarika apa

Madhuve 2 months ago



Madhuve 2 months ago

Izvi hazvishisiri zvega Amana tikurohwa neshamhu naMwari kamubvisiro kaya katakaita VaMugabe ka hmmmmmm he died ari bitter thats why tikutambura so handichazivi hangu verse but ndakamboona mubible mune verse yaiti vakabvisa mambo wandakange ndavaisira vakaisa wavo ndichavafuratira ndigorega kunzwa kuchema kwavo😭😭😭

$UB 2 months ago

Ha bob was bttr than umNangagwa haibo

Ian Smith 2 months ago

These problems started na Bob. This one ED*** is carrying on from where Bob left, but with greater vigour.

Bright 2 months ago

Zvichikonzerwa nemika dai Mari yenyika iri stable ka mishonga yitengwa mombe dzichirapwa manje imi makutambisa Mari muchinotenga zvibhod**** ku Scotland henyu shame one you

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

chikumbonyaanyo netsa chiiko hatisisina vana mazvikokota vezvipfuwo here muno shuwa tichasara tisina kana pekutarisa..Ukuwo vafana vari incharge nema dhibhi kumamisha uko vanongo tifambisira kuzodhibhisa mombe mumvura isina kana mushonga time time wozo vaona vakutengesa mushonga kuna individuals kuma growth point vachitodhakwa zvavo emari dzacho ..

lulalula 2 months ago

maamai stereki maka paradza madhibha akavakwa mahara nevarungu,zanu yaondonga nyika

Kule 2 months ago

Handiti makapaza madhibha muchiti I colonialism. Lets be serious with our farming.

Nhamo 2 months ago

More animals will die our national stands @what today shame our gvnment has no care for the livestock sector where is doctor hygrives

Mhazi of silobela 2 months ago

The good doctor had animal welfare at heart manje vakasara ma1. Havana kana plan busy ne ma meetings

chimuti 2 months ago

Sure dzakafa

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