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5 Great Smartphones Priced Under $100 You Can Buy In Zimbabwe

5 Great Smartphones Priced Under $100 You Can Buy In Zimbabwe

Here are 5 smartphones you can buy today on Pindula for less than US $100.

1. Itel A25 Pro – $63

This phone has been popular with the Pindula community. It balances low cost with large storage, a good battery and 4G. It’s the only iTel devices going for less than $100 that as 4G LTE. It is however has a smaller screen than many most modern smartphones.

It has 32GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. 

Pictures and more details on this link: 

2. itel P38 – $92

This is a phone that comes recommended. Even though it doesn’t have 4G, it makes up for that by a huge 5 000 mAh batter which lasts for days. It is also very large in size, with a 6.6” HD screen. Another plus is the 8MP camera and the fast processor.

It comes with 32GB internal storage and 2GB RAM

Pictures and more details on this link:

3. Itel A33 Plus – $55

The A33 Plus is a budget phone packing a good long-lasting battery and also a decent camera. It’s a good phone if you don’t spend a lot of time on WhatsApp or on the internet.

This makes it an ideal phone to buy for someone elderly who needs a phone with decent features but doesn’t need to use them every day.

It comes with 16GB Internal Storage and 1GB RAM

4. Itel PrimeTab 1 – $82

Though not technically a phone, it does everything a phone can do and more. This tablet is ideal for students especially. It has a parental control function to help parents put education goals and also control how much time kids are able to use it.

Internal storage is 32GB and the RAM is 1GB.

Pictures and more details on this link:

5. Tecno Pop 6 – $99

At $99 it’s one of the lowest price smartphones with 4G LTE. The battery is large at 5 000 mAh, and it has typical modern features such as Face Unlock and Fingerprint Unlock. 

The size of the phone is also quite good at 6.1 inches.

It comes with 32GB Internal Storage and 2GB RAM

Pictures and more details on this link:  


  • Delivery in Bulawayo and Harare is free
  • All prices here are for brand new boxed devices and come with 12 months official itel & Tecno warranty

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BUOY 1 month ago

pop 5 32GB RAM­čÖî­čÖî­čÖî­čÖî­čÖî­čĄú­čĄú­čĄúPINDULA KAAAAA

njj 1 month ago

32Gb Ram mazviona kupi zvamktaura

Limbikani 1 month ago

­čśČ mistake guys,


Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Tecno ine 32GB RAM ­čś▒

VADER­čç┐­čçŽ 1┬ámonth ago

it's 32GB storage guys.

Kanye 1 month ago

Inini i want a Huawei phone pindula.

Tecno 1 month ago

It's 32 GB internal storage plus 2 GB correctly b4 commenting

Reader 1 month ago

@Tecno they have corrected their mistake,so u think we can't read ita mushe wangu.

Sabhuku 1 month ago

hameno kuti **** zvavikunyora vazvionepi


O'BRIAN 1 month ago

I have an itel A33

Kan 1 month ago

KO Limbikani u don't accept Ma bond notes it's the strongest currency musadaro.

Chikomba 1 month ago

Iterooooo kutenga battery chete

­čśâ 1┬ámonth ago

baba musandisiire jambwa­čĄú­čĄú

Gunners 1 month ago

vamwe vakarerwa naGovo vamwe na mhamha saka musaridza tsamwa.

Masocha 1 month ago

Am selling a Huawei Nova 2 at 150

BeeMan 3 weeks ago

I want an samsang M12

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