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"40 Per Cent Of Zimbabwean Vehicles Are Uninsured"

The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) said that at least 40 per cent of cars on Zimbabwe’s roads do not have third-party motor insurance.

ICZ spokesperson Ringisai Batiya said, as a result, victims of road traffic accidents fail to get compensation when they are injured while travelling on uninsured vehicles.

This has also seen the government often shouldering the financial burden of meeting the medical bills of victims of vehicle accidents. Said Batiya:

About 40% of the approximately 1.5 million vehicles on the national database do not have third-party motor insurance.

Through campaigns, ICZ has been educating and raising awareness on the need to comply with statutory requirements that every vehicle on the road should have third-party motor insurance.

The Zimbabwe National Road Authority (ZINARA) announced that all vehicles without valid licence disks were not being allowed to pass through tollgates with effect from 1 October this year.

Batiya said the move by ZINARA will compel motorists to comply with statutory insurance regulations.:

The winner in this are road accident victims who will access compensation through insurance claims.

The move also forces vehicle registration which helps in traceability of stolen cars and tracking cars being used to commit crime.

According to ZINARA, about 300 000 vehicles do not have licence disks. | ZimLive

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