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256 Zimbabweans Stranded In Ukraine

256 Zimbabweans Stranded In Ukraine

The Government says it has registered 256 Zimbabwean nationals who are stuck in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion of its neighbour on Thursday.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has led to a halt of flights in and out of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, making it difficult for foreign nationals to escape the country.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana, through his Twitter handle, said Zimbabwean nationals should find their way out of Ukraine and will be assisted once they reach a third country. Mangwana tweeted:

The Zimbabwe Embassy in Berlin has registered 256 citizens in Ukraine. It has advised nationals to leave Ukraine if it is safe to do so and travel to any third country.

Currently, there are no flights out of Ukraine (and leaving) has to be by other means.

Help will be given when nationals have accessed any of the following third countries, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Russia.

Officers being dispatched to Poland subject to authority being granted, to assist in coordinating those going there.

The Embassy can pay for hotels and buy tickets from Berlin.

Nationals advised to maintain contact with the embassy so decisions can be made faster.

Help will be given when nationals have accessed any of the following third countries; Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary Moldova and Russia.

Currently, there are no flights out of Ukraine so travel has to be by other means. Stay Safe.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has attempted to justify the attack on Ukraine by claiming that the country is led by neo-Nazi forces who are threatening his country’s security.

Meanwhile, Russia on Friday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that deplored “in the strongest terms” the country’s “aggression” against Ukraine and demanded the immediate withdrawal of its troops.

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putin 2 months ago

Handi vaienda kunodzidza hondo here dzemumabhuku ngavabva vangoita nepractical yacho ikoko

Yellow 2 months ago

Let zim citizens return safely home then register to vote out zanu pf

Diwauripo Robson 2 months ago

ukraine ngaingobvume defeat to save lives dzemacitizents

Bright 2 months ago

KU finder way yekubuda nayo akusi kubudika idzo ndege dzakamiswa kufamba mudenga

Chakanetsa 2 months ago

I don't think Putin reads Pindula , your royal ****ness . How is the whole world going to die ? All the parties involved are not willing to raise the stakes that high .

tafman 2 months ago

...putin stop that...all the world will die

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