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250 Civil Servants Suffer Suspected Food Poisoning At Lodge

250 Civil Servants Suffer Suspected Food Poisoning At Lodge

Scores of civil servants and School Development Committee (SDC) executives suffered suspected food poisoning while attending a workshop at Westwood Lodge in Chiredzi last week.

According to The Mirror, the majority of the roughly 250 delegates experienced running stomachs due to suspected food poisoning.

The delegates, comprising school heads, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education officials and SDCs’ executive members, were drawn five each from 37 schools in Masvingo.

They were booked at the lodge from Thursday to Friday for a Schools Development Committee (SDC) induction workshop.

When contacted for comment by The Mirror, lodge owner and managing director Obert Ngwenya, who is also a ZANU PF councillor for Ward 2 in Chiredzi denied the reports. He said:

Look this is the group of people which was here yesterday, nobody seems ill and everybody is here and these people are about to have their lunch, somebody is just trying to tarnish my image.

The Mirror reported a source as saying that one Dr Daniel Makuyana had to be called the next morning to attend to the crisis. The source was quoted as saying:

Most of the delegates had running stomachs throughout the night. Guests literally spent the night in the toilets, some were sweating and a large number could not attend the workshop the next morning as they were seriously ill. It was terrible.

The head cook and the manager of the lodge, Caroline Sanjama reportedly went to the workshop which was taking place in the garden and apologised to the delegates.

She reportedly promised to investigate the cause of the problem and report back to the guests.

The Mirror reported that Dr Makuyana confirmed attending to sick guests but declined to give details when he realised that he was speaking to the publication. He said:

Yes, I attended to sick people at the lodge and by the way who are you? I am not allowed to speak to the Press.

More: The Mirror

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Stephen Mukotoki 2 weeks ago

wish to see you guys from this web site and tell you what happened iwas currently work there

The King of Serpents 4 weeks ago

@Stallion.... true that, vanhu ngatidzidzei kutenga our own food, even if its cheap, its better than kudya zvemahara but zviri unsafe.

Mother 4 weeks ago

iwee takakura tichidya munya wemubhodho rinoita ngura chairo asi hatina kurwara. Zanu councillor vaida kuchekeresa mulodge mavo. Or vanoda kuhafura number yema votes eCCC pa2023

Mwakusha 4 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

The one who told The Mirror is telling us tarnishing the image of ZanuPf councillor 😂

PTA 4 weeks ago

So who is trying to tarnish his image, I'm not getting it


its not* 4 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

its about poison but simple trying to tell the nation that ZanuPf councilor is also manager of the lodge if not the owner and the school workshop was done there a corrupt move 😀

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

Some foods like fish and other tinned are usually poisonous if care is not taken. Kufanogadzirira vanhu chikafu chakadaro kunogona kukuvadza vanhu.

Asalif 4 weeks ago

you decided going for a workshop kumusha uko leaving the city when we talk of standards you should have died you thieves stealing school funds going for a workshop kuMozambique muchisiya guta

i 4 weeks ago

muno maaama

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

Sometimes these lodges accept bookings from delegations who are beyond their holding capacity. They end up feeding delegates on sterile or undercoked food. The lodge management can accept responsibility and apologise to their clients, but deny responsibility to any media platform.




👏👏 4 weeks ago

that's true zvakamboitika kwandiri wanodziisa food yakasara team racho

Mkanya 4 weeks ago

Vamwe vakanga vafa ne ice-cream musakare kudya uku

The King of Serpents 4 weeks ago


Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

😳 zvimwe zvavho wait until it becomes a fact, kuti suspected hakuna nyaya

stallion 4 weeks ago

zvatanga kuda kudya uku itayi maworkshop enyu muchizvitengera chikafu

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