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23 High School Pupils Fall Into Hysteria

23 High School Pupils Fall Into Hysteria

Lessons were temporarily suspended at Amhlophe High School in Bulawayo on Friday after twenty-three pupils fell into hysteria.

The incident occurred just after 8 AM at the school located in Pumula East.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education director of communication and advocacy Taungana Ndoro said most of the pupils who were affected are in Form Three while one of them is in Form One. He said:

I can confirm that 23 of our learners fell into hysteria at Amhlophe High School in Bulawayo.

We contacted the parents of the affected learners to come and take them home.

Most of the learners were in Form Three while one of them was in Form One.

The incident temporarily disrupted learning but everything later returned to normal.

On Monday our ministry teams will provide psychosocial support to the learners.

We can only provide scientific support to the learners and we don’t have an opinion on what could have happened.

Remember the Witchcraft Suppression Act is still in existence so we cannot have an opinion on this except by providing scientific evidence.

Reports indicate that learners were acting in a disorderly manner as some of them were exiting classrooms through the windows.

Some of the pupils were seen shaking while groaning seemingly in pain and others struggled to walk on their own and were supported by parents and guardians.

A parent of one of the affected learners who identified herself to CITE said some learners came to her home in the morning telling her to rush to the school and attend to her daughter. She said:

I rushed to the school and when I got there my child was kneeling there praying in tongues.

Some of the “possessed” children charged toward her, one of them pushed her and she fell to the ground where she started frothing from her mouth.

We carried her home and she hasn’t been ok since. She kept screaming saying she is seeing snakes and people dressed in black. She was so terrified.

More: Chronicle; CITE

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Chris 3 weeks ago

Into zabantu.

Bhula 3 weeks ago

Zifuna bona abantu

tad 3 weeks ago

the devil is at work .The only counter measure to this is prayer

zola 3 weeks ago

Tiri mumazuva ekupedzisira mwari tibatsirei only God is the answer in this weaked world

Doug 3 weeks ago

With too much poverty, hopelessness and helplessness, anything can happen in society which can affect anyone. These children know how their parents and guardians are struggling to have them in school when they cannot see any bright future. Already, with the Zimbabwe dollar at about 403 the parent is being told to pay it at 450 instead, as exam fees to ZIMSEC, a very government entity. In such a scenario where we have the auction rate, the ZIMSEC rate, the bond rate, the Ecocash rate, the black market rate, the willing seller willing buyer rate it is difficult, if not impossible to stay sane.

i 3 weeks ago

chirungu chandinakidza hanzi unonzi hysteria.hasiriwo here macycological winds ayo kkkk

Gwedu 3 weeks ago

Only the blood of Jesus Christ can solve this. witchcraft suppression act has no power in the spiritual realm. It's time to call Jehovah and cause that pandemonium back to the sea l, shrine, alter whatever it is to expose the devil !!


Mafirakureva Jeremiah 3 weeks ago

Its quiet evident that Indigenous urbanites r in a state of denial. The so called hallucinatory hysteria may be due to psychosis and or demon possession.
The mention of the Witchcraft Suppression Act in these circumstances defies logic as the law currently cannot overlap into the spiritual domain assuming the challenge is in the demonic possession context. I rest my case

1 week ago

Satanic ngaisadaro unoshaya kwekuisa mwana

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