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2023 Elections Illegitimate If 5 Million Zimbabweans In Diaspora Aren't Voting - Chief Ndiweni

2023 Elections Illegitimate If 5 Million Zimbabweans In Diaspora Aren't Voting - Chief Ndiweni

Ousted Ntabazinduna Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni recently said the 2023 elections outcome would be ruled illegitimate by the international community if the over five million Zimbabweans in the diaspora are not allowed to vote.

Ndiweni’s remarks came weeks after Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda called for the amendment to the electoral laws to allow for diaspora vote.

His remarks attracted backlash from the ruling ZANU PF which has for years opposed the diaspora vote saying the country was not equipped to allow those in the diaspora to vote. 

Ndiweni, who is the chairperson of the MyRight2Vote pressure group, based in the United Kingdom, said holding an election without citizens based in foreign lands would render the outcome illegitimate. He said:

As a person who has been complaining about diaspora voting, this is a burning issue. It is a human right to be allowed to vote. About 5,5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora have been denied their right to vote. To make things worse, this human right was promised during the war of liberation by ZANU PF, by ZAPU.

So, we have a deep historical basis for demanding this right because wherever we look, this right was given and it has been taken from the Zimbabwean populace in the diaspora. The population in the diaspora is nearly 50% of the voting population in Zimbabwe. This is a formidable percentage.

The Electoral Act only guarantees government employees such as diplomats the right to vote from outside the country through postal votes.

2018 elections observer missions called on the government to facilitate postal voting for every Zimbabwean as guaranteed under section 67 of the Constitution, which guarantees every citizen above the age of 18 the right to vote.

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ngorima mushava 2 weeks ago

the election will go ahead because Zim elections are under the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼.
The constitution of Zimbabwe which championed by all parties and individuals in the GNU and voted by the people of Zimbabwe overwhelmingly YES ,rules out diaspora vote.
Zim 🇿🇼 elections are ward based meaning you vote for a "councillor, MP, President", only those who are on state duty (embassies, counsels) are allowed to vote , period...
people should take time to get the electoral Laws.

Unless there e amendments to the constitution,there will be no diaspora vote.

. 2 weeks ago

Diaspora ndainovhotera ku rwanda

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

The call for diaspora vote is an admission that local voters are voting for zanupf


dispenser 2 weeks ago

Zimbabwean we are the one letting ourselves down given the kind of population purported to be in diaspora . The biggest population is suffering why can't they simply sacrifice and come to vote and liberate ourselves

ngorima mushava 2 weeks ago

ngavauye vazovhota kuno , Nyika Haina Mari yekuita diaspora vote, + our elections are ward based.

African Abroad 2 weeks ago

Is that what the people in the diaspora want.Those who have settled legally are comfortable and are seeking permanent residence abroad.

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Is that meant to scare zanupf? I don't think it will work.
Zanupf has been in power illegitimately since 2000. That international community has condemned all Zim elections as rigged since 2000 but zanupf is still in power.
We need to stop outsourcing solutions to our problems. There are enough registered voters to vote zanupf out if the opposition really wants to win.
There is also no guarantee that all people in the diaspora will vote for opposition. Kune mhuri dzana Nicky Mangwana and their friends out there.
It's better to focus on the local voters for now





citizen 2 weeks ago

iwe wakudopenga manje,ukuti the only fearless ukuziva kut ari here izvezvi

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