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"2023 Election Outcome Will Be Determined By The Military" - Analysts

Political analysts have said Zimbabwe is a military-run State and it is in the interest of the securocrats to ensure that the ruling ZANU PF wins the 2023 elections at all costs.

Analysts said the military, which assisted President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over power from his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe in 2027 were the kingmakers of the land.

Speaking on Monday during a Twitter space discussion hosted by Open Parly, which discussed the topic 2023 Elections: A Discussion on Security Sector Reforms, MDC Alliance chairperson Morgan Komichi said:

The military in Zimbabwe has taken control of every sector. Even in the elections, the outcome will be determined by the military. ZANU PF always had military wings such as the ZANLA and the ZIPRA command. The future of this country will also be determined by the army.

Media specialist Zenzele Ndebele concurred with Komichi adding that the army has always been part of the ruling elite. He said:

… remember (the late) Rex Nhongo, who was part of ZANU PF, and was given a top military post. Do you think we will be able to separate the army from ZANU PF?

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said any political party in the country that dreams of taking power should have the military on its side.

Another political analyst, Wilbert Mukori said the army has companies in Chiadzwa, where it is mining diamonds, therefore, handing power to the opposition at the expense of millions of dollars generated from mining activities is a dream. He added:

It is in the interest of the top brass in the security sector to ensure Zanu PF wins the forthcoming elections at all costs.

But Binga North legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda (Citizens Coalition for Change) said the military could not be blamed for chaos in the country as it was also suffering due to the economic predicament.

He added that there was still a chance for Zimbabwe to implement security sector reforms.

Analyst Alex Nhundu said members of the security sector must not be allowed to vote and be restricted to being referees in elections for purposes of uniting Zimbabweans and the development of the country.

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. 2 months ago

this time around very citizens from whatever background is for CCC

Chahototo 2 months ago

Ini handisi we CCC secret society cult

dispenser 2 months ago

wrong perception from a maroon ,who have lost his plot.

Greyhora 2 months ago

We the people will determine the outcome. Stop trying to scare us if you dont have anything meaningful to report stop giving us these types of pieces.Ndimi imi munoda kuti military ipindire nemanyorero enyu.

Doug 2 months ago

There are levels in the military with different levels of poverty and affluence.

Fari 2 months ago

... in 2027😂😂😂😂😂


Citizens are speaking on behalf of the army. ZANU PF is aware of this scenario where it wants to keep on influencing politics in Zimbabwe. Even if it is an opposition party which wins at the Harmonised Elections, the army will still play an influential role.

The present army commander seem not to be into politics much as opposed to his predecessor. General Valario Sibanda may allow whoever win chatting the way forward.

I a party in the opposition wins, but the army snatches power and gives it back to ZANU PF on a silver platter, then it will have confirmed to the international community that Zimbabwe is a one party state.

It is going to prove that Zimbabwe is wasting resources on ZEC and holding useless Elections.

Morgan Komichi may have started this debate to discourage other political parties after seeing that his MDC T will never win.

I want to urge other Political parties to continue to campaign deligently.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI


millitants 2 months ago

we are behind change too,we cnt keep on with this chaotic salaryless regime
dont be scared
make sure you and your neighbour are registered voters.i rest my case

c 2 months ago

CCC real change

Jandu 2 months ago

How many gunman are benefiting nema diamonds dololo varikupiwa rtgs urikudyiwa ne top brass

fun time 2 months ago

The political landscape has since changed. The military has family contacts who are overwhelming them with demands emanating from decisions which they will never repeat come 2023. Due to the constant wailing of the poor souls God will rise up to fight for their survival.

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