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2023 Budget: ZWL$300 m Allocated For Development Of 2nd Satellite

2023 Budget: ZWL$300 m Allocated For Development Of 2nd Satellite

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube last week announced that ZW$300 million would be allocated toward the development of a second satellite.

He made the remarks last Thursday while presenting the 2023 national Budget at the newly-built multi-million dollar Parliament in Mt Hampden. Ncube said:

The country successfully launched the ZimSat-1 on 7 November 2022, a historic journey into space. The landmark event will facilitate water and mineral mapping, weather forecasting, infrastructure planning, border security and disaster prevention, among other benefits.

Given the multiple benefits to the overall economy from the project, the 2023 National Budget will provide additional

ZWL$300 million for the development of the second satellite including other supporting services.

Speaking on the first satellite earlier, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said it is very important. He said:

ZimSat-1 allows us to see our country from outer space. We are also able to make key interventions in national health, including foreseeing pandemics in time for timeous responses.

It is considered that the launch of ZimSat-1 will help Zimbabwe in the land, water and mineral mapping, including weather forecasting, infrastructure planning, border security and disaster prevention.

The satellite will host a multispectral camera, an image classification tool, and a device to transmit and receive signals from amateur radio operators.

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@chibadura 2 months ago

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Zimbabwean 2 months ago

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Mbavha 2 months ago

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Tomgit 2 months ago

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Ghetto yutt 2 months ago

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Kanda 2 months ago

Vanhu Vaya vatanga ZW$ 300M for a 10x10x10m centimeters cube worth less than USD 100k vakaita mathematics calculate tione

Jack Bauer 2 months ago

Baba siyanai nezve space nema satellites...just check kuti ma African countries mangani who are venturing into space exploration, I'm sure zvinongokuudza zvega how expensive it is

Mfiti 2 months ago

Space to us Africans it's not a marvel, we've been there using winnowing dishes, titori nemastructures kuspace ikoko. I know those who don't know our tikoloshi (technology) call us wizards or witches.


Hello Hello 2 months ago

help am stressed

Jack Bauer 2 months ago

Munogona muchizvinyepera futi kuti ndeyenyu mkuru....vakadzi hamuvazive mushe

🙋 2 months ago

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I love my Country 2 months ago

Kkkk hauna chauinacho wangu. Ipapa uri busy kutsvaga help paPindula yemahara ino, hatinei nazvo isu

@hello hello 2 months ago

You are only stressed if you allow yourself to be stressed.
In life we make choices to be happy or not to be happy.
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Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 2 months ago

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Uncle D 2 months ago

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g-string 2 months ago

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Tateguru 2 months ago

That's a brilliant idea.

Bhojomo 2 months ago

Iwe mfana @Johanna you are a comedian that's the job God gave you use your talent baba ğŸ˜Ž

2 months ago

chibadura imbonogerwa musoro mazibvudzi ayo anenge choya cha levels

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