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2023 Budget: Finance Minister Allocates ZWL$ 4.6 billion Toward War Veterans' Benefits

2023 Budget: Finance Minister Allocates ZWL$ 4.6 billion Toward War Veterans' Benefits

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube last Thursday said he was allocating ZWL$ 4.6 billion toward war veterans’ monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Ncube who was presenting the 2023 national Budget said the former freedom fighters’ welfare remains a priority. He said:

… the welfare of the veterans of the liberation war remains a priority, with the 2023 Budget setting aside ZWL$4.6 billion towards their monetary and non-monetary benefits, as well as capitalisation of their investments in mining, tourism and farms.

War veterans have over the years been demanding gratuities for their role in the achievement of independence.

In 1997, the government paid out unbudgeted lump sums of nearly ZW$50 000 (US$4 300 at the time) to war veterans following months of protests. This led to the collapse of the local currency which has never recovered.

In May 2022, the Zimbabwe government announced plans to pay one-off rewards and monthly pensions to a new batch of 160 000 war veterans, war collaborators and ex-political prisoners who missed out during the first round of compensation in 1997.

Critics said the timing of the announcement might be wrong considering that the country’s economy is heading south and also comes just months ahead of general elections next year, which will raise vote-buying concerns in some quarters.

Ncube also said the 2023 National Budget has prioritised the improvements of uniformed forces’ remuneration both monetary and non-monetary.

Ncube said the increase in the crime rate, ranging from armed robberies to rape and murder, among others, is a cause for concern, requiring adequate capitalisation of the uniformed forces.

Government critics have often said the security sector is prioritised ahead of other critical sectors as it is critical for ZANU PF’s retention of power.

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Tateguru 2 months ago

Zviri right kana zviri right. Iyi iPay yavo Iya inonzi back pay. Mu**** wemasoja, musazoti vakarwa without pay.

Tateguru 2 months ago

Apo paita **** ndanga ndashandisa Shona word for Pay Zvino hamheno

2 months ago

kkk ndange ndati Tateguru vapindwa nei kunyora zvinyadzi.

Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 2 months ago

If you have may not you war fight fight bond notes for my pocket but me is cant fight war so i stay with brother and sisters in floor. Mother father fight now get big money but mthuli say no no money into mother father pocket with halls it fall Chibadura pick it and buy 2 smoke in drink

Tateguru 2 months ago

Chibadura make laugh me

Uncle D 2 months ago

@Chibadura 😂😂,You're hilarious bro,hopefully you can type better English and this is all an act

Asalif 2 months ago

Vote buying but useless since most of them are dead 60% of the electorate is constituted by the youth most of them unemployed school leavers why not inject those funds to them in loans and self help projects to empower them

Tateguru 2 months ago

Rega tipiwe mudyandigere iwe. Vakafa hard luck.


Kanda 2 months ago

Asi Hondo yacho haiperi kahi 50 000 farms and a life pension and benefits and more benefits . Are they the only living in the country??

xxx 2 months ago

ITS MOTHAN 50yrs ago yoh. dzokerai mundoisungirira zimbabwe yacho muone kuti hatiisununguri here. tofira yekuti tanga tisati tazvarwa muna 1970? War Vets are the past.... Youths are the future. Saka Mthuli uku investor chii apa

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