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2022 Tobacco Marketing Season Opens

2022 Tobacco Marketing Season Opens

The 2022 tobacco selling season officially opened on Wednesday, 30 March, with sales being conducted at the Tobacco Sales Floors (TSF) and Premier Tobacco Floors (PTF).

The opening of the Boka Tobacco Floors (BTF) was postponed to Monday next week to pave way for the road construction works adjacent to the premises.

The first bale fetched US$4.20 per kg which is lower than the US$4.30 per kg fetched by the first bale last year.

Farmers will get 75 per cent of their payments in foreign currency and the funds are being treated as free funds.

Speaking the official opening at TSF, Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Anxious Masuka said:

As the Minister responsible for this subsector, my gaze, and mind, are fixed on the entire value chain — on fairness, ethics and probity, transparency, accountability, discipline, equity and on sustainability.

Through the Tobacco Transformation Plan (TTP), we will build this industry ‘Brick by brick and stone upon stone’ into a US$5 billion industry by 2025.

Masuka warned buyers against offering higher prices at contract sales compared to auction sales for a similar grade of tobacco. He said:

I am recommending the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) inspectorate unit continue to work with other security agencies to eliminate these vices. Discipline must return to this important industry.

Contractors should provide the prescribed minimum support package for both smallholder and commercial farmers and farmers must repay this support through the delivery of the crop to contractors while avoiding side-marketing.

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Bhuru 3 months ago

Fodya ngaisvike pa6 mari pa kg. Plus mari yavarikuti 75% kunyepa coz paunoenda ku bank rinozvomorao zvichireva kt murimi achasara ne70% so pasi nemhaaaaaandu 3 months ago

the government should review these tobacco seller and buyer policies varimi vakuita loss and we also encourage the tobacco buyers to give security to their customers most of our golden farmer farmers are experiencing theft whilst they are on the buyer premises

farmer 3 months ago

they are private buyers who comes to farms with hard cash
they buy with producer price no worry for a farmer to hire transport as buyer provide

sometimes farmers get stuck no funds to finance the hired casual labour
buyers jus take th opportunity of stuck,stranded farmers by offer 1usd per KG as a resources constrained farmer u jus accept th offer
win win situation for both parties

the same tobacco grade will b on auction floors

🥸 3 months ago

Masuka warned buyers against offering higher prices at contract sales compared to auction sales for a similar grade of tobacco...... And you wonder if they care for farmers

farmer 3 months ago

please TIMB as a tobacco regulatory board as a farmer it is my plea if you pay us 100% on forex why giving us 25% as bank transfer

The truth of th matter is that on world market the goldrn leaf is sold in USD which is paid right on spot hard cash

Mthuli & TIMB please review tobacco payment policies you put in place otherwise will sale as side market while breaching contractual agreement in questiin

Chikws 3 months ago

I hope this season they are going to pay us what we actually deserve

chibaba 3 months ago

varimi varikubirwa pachena 75percent sei ngavapihwe mari yavo yese apa 25 percent rtgs ne bank rate panze vorohwa neblack market ndosaka isuwo varimi takungoti Ngaambopinda Hake Mukomana


Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Musazotegeserwa majuice cards muchinzi Maline sezvamakaitwa Gore Riya😂😂😂😂

Muku Jnr 3 months ago

Mthwakazi guy you are now becoming a nonsense. What does your point have to do with the news. Tribalism all over your DNA. Heal my guy just know nobody chooses race, family and parents. You are just placing the blame on the creator Himself for allowing them a Shona background. As if there's anything special about your ethnic or race...

dingto 3 months ago

pliz tirikuda fodya iyite mari iyo

101 3 months ago

Varimi vorohwa bag ne ma**** pa TSF

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