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2022 Population And Housing Census Ends Today

2022 Population And Housing Census Ends Today

The 2022 population and housing census ends on Saturday, 30 April 2022, with enumerators now conducting a mop-up exercise to count those who are yet to be counted.

Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) director-general Taguma Mahonde advised those missed to approach ZimStat offices or call the toll free number so that enumerators can visit their homes and count them. Said Mahonde:

Everything has been done and we are currently doing a mop-up operation for those who feel that they have not been counted.

We have alerted those who want to be counted on various media platforms to approach our offices or call us and we have started to receive calls from other people who want to be counted.

Everything is on course and we have also improved the quality of the data which is being collected.

The 2022 population and housing census started on the night of 20 April with the counting starting that night for special groups.

Preliminary results of the census are expected after three months.

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Jeizet 2 months ago

kana mkanzwa number ichataurwa nevecensus vanenge vachinyepa bcz ini handina kuverengwa,,,kana vakat18million inhema tiri18000001 muno munyika

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

If government introduces a new programme on people with empty stomachs, that program is likely to fail because citizens will not cooperate. They are already chicky. That program shall suffer a stillbirth. This is what happened to this cencus.


Bull 2 months ago

I am having quality time with a census enumerater. May you please extend the mop up exercise ndipedze

Kanda 2 months ago

do they call it a success vamwe vaiti hatigari pano vamwe vaibuditsa mabhemba vamwe vaivhura mbwa vamwe vailocker maghedhe how many did so across the country

Kanda 2 months ago

taura hako especially team racho raiverenga vanhu ndorave maarmed robbers Havana kuconcider kuti people hate them nenyaya dzavo idzodzo

census 2 months ago

some ppl want to maintain privacy within their residentials
imagine dealers do u think they allow jik and jill to enter their gates
u might welcome some spies so better let no1 enters ndikoko


jamela queen vee 2 months ago

vamwe maquestions aibvunzwa nezimstart kaaa akangoomawo

Sticks 2 months ago

Imi mogozi tora ma results iwaya moita ma results ema votes a ED next year tichakuonai this time

ZimStat 2 months ago

@stix do you see that possible chandoziva chinoita ZANU pf iwhine kutadza kuvhota saying chero Tikavhota they just rig you are minus 1 vote your task is to mobilize people why voting is good for them and which party to vote for thank you

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