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2022 Census Results Expose Gukurahundi Impact On Matabeleland Population - Freedom Alliance Party

2022 Census Results Expose Gukurahundi Impact On Matabeleland Population - Freedom Alliance Party

The Freedom Alliance political party says Gukurahundi was a deliberate strategy adopted by the ZANU PF-led government to depopulate Matabeleland for its own political interests.

The Deputy National Leader of the Freedom Alliance party, Moses Mzila Ndlovu claimed the 2022 Census preliminary results expose the impact of Gukurahundi on the population of Matabeleland.

According to the report released by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) last week, Bulawayo recorded the lowest annual growth rate (0.2 per cent), with a population of 665 940 slightly up from 653 337 compiled in 2012.

Bulawayo’s population constitutes 4.4 per cent of the national population, Matabeleland North – 5.5 per cent and Matabeleland South province makes up five per cent.

Speaking in an interview with CITE, Ndlovu, who was the national healing minister during the Government of National Unity (GNU), accused the government of “using state employees from the statistical offices and academics” to produce lies and support their data. He said:

One, there has never been a proper census since 1980 and two, the most important issue around population was the depopulation of Matabeleland by Gukurahundi carried out by ZANU PF.

Up to today, we don’t have the nearest figure on the numbers of people killed and those who left the country.

He said the nearest record of statistical evidence of people that were killed during Gukurahundi was done by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP). Said Ndlovu:

Given the circumstances of security issues around Matabeleland, the movement of CCJP was inhibited and they tried to produce a thorough job while people were also scared from telling the truth, something which is still with us today.

The whole truth around Gukurahundi has never been exposed and my argument is Matabeleland was depopulated deliberately.

It was a strategy by ZANU PF, as part of their agenda against the people of Matabeleland. Yes, they depopulated Matabeleland by killing people.

… ZANU PF must take the blame but is not going to accept the blame because it was part of their agenda to destroy the population.

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Osama 2 months ago

Why are you one sided,dont campaign negukurahundi,ivo pavaiuraya hama dzedu ,kutora vakadzi nevanasikana vanakomana uye pfuma yedu zvainakidza ka.Do you know kurwadza kunoita kuurairwa hama wakatarisa uye kutorerwa pfuma nemhuri zvose.Guys itai mushe

Osama 2 months ago

dont yu kno tht those ndebeles depopulated the shona also
une hama dzakapambwa here uye dzakauraiwa nemadzviti?Murawo wakashanda sezvauri coz those guys were wild ndokudzoswa mumuforo uye. kudzidziswa kugara nevamwe zvakanaka.
if th gvt compensate them we can urge them( ndexz) to give bec pfuma yedu uye mhuri yedu

XXX 2 months ago

@Osama, the things you talk about happened before there was Zimbabwe as we know it. There was no Zanu pf to talk about. Tribal wars were the order of the day. We can't blame anybody. But Gukurahundi was perpetrated by people we know. Some of them are still alive and they hols top government positions. They walk scott free.

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@Osama. Open your eyes & mind. Gukurahundu indeed depopulated the population of Matebeleland Provinces by causing many people to migrate out of the country, mostly to SA, apart from killing 20 000 innocent civillians. Gukurahundi was meant to suppress ZAPU which was winning resoundingly in Matebeleland Provinces, thus establishing a one party state for Mugabe who brooked no opposition to his dictatorial rule. Revisit Parliamentary election results of the early 1980s. As for the biased & falsified history that your Shona parents & Zezuru government taught you, I'll just pity you for your ignorance & gullibility.

tongwai 2 months ago

20000 decedents is hardly depopulation.....nt tt i support the act

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

@tongwai back then population yenyika yanga iri diki mbichana plus usadhibhe vanhu vakunzi vakatiza munyika zvee

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

It makes no Mathematical or logical sense that Bulawayo only grew by 12 637 people in the last ten years. This implies that on average only 3.54 children were born per day in Bulawayo in the last ten years. Anyone with access to Births and Deaths records for Bulawayo Province please scrutinise that. The Intercensal Demographic Surveys of the last 10 years need to belloked into as well. Look at the new houses which were built around Bulawayo surbarbs in the last ten years. Its an indication of population growth in terms of households & families. I understand that many people migrate to South Africa. The Census should account for people outside the country temporarily or permanently. Questions should have been structured in a manner that accounts for Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Anyway, Bulawayo will lose some constituencies during the delimitation or official gerrymandering exercise. That was the agenda behind the Census anyway.

Dmao 2 months ago

@Worzell. New houses are not a sign of population growth, especially the mushrooming of per urban settlements here in Zim. New houses and new settlements are simply a sign of deconcentation of old suburbs as former lodgers and youths move out to own houses in the new settlements.

pk 2 months ago

vanowanda sei varume weko dziri simbe. kwedu tiri kuzvara

mutsa 2 months ago

truth be told. pple did not participate in this census.

luza ana 2 months ago

we hate everything done buy this cruel zanoids


fekitosi 2 months ago

Real are 20000 real ndebelez in Bulawayo the rest ngama shona

they are everywhere like evil spirits

you know them

just lstn to the buckings from them

tongwai 2 months ago

takawanda nekuti tiri ma na😂tives hatisi vauyi

Tshaka 2 months ago

@ Tongwai did u go to school?? Which history book states that **** are Natives of Zimbabwe??Zanu yakukuvadza fungwa ne propaganda .

Tibvirei pano 2 months ago

Ko vaizowandasei ruzhinji vai Joni nemhuri dzavo

manzy 2 months ago

Bulawayo figures need a critical analysis it can't be true that for the past ten years 12637 births occured no no no

Jimy James 2 months ago

After zapu soldiers were made to be part of the ZNA they started killing Zanu pf soldiers who were part of the ZNA as they were working together.That is what started this gukurahundi.So the Ndebele soldiers were mixing with the civilians in Matebeleland and the Ndebele people were protecting them so Mugabe had no choice but to bring order in Matebeleland.But how did the Ndebele people get be in the southern part of Zimbabwe and not in kanyemba.They ran away from South Africa what were they running away from vakasiya vadenha ikoko and were welcomed and accommodated by shonas and we allowed the southern part of Zimbabwe to be called Matebeland.Why are you not making any issue with the people who chased you in South Africa.We don't want people who saw tribal divisions in Zimbabwe.Shona people are so welcoming people.We are also living peacefully with people from Malawi, Mozambique , Zambia, Tanzania DRC.We are not pouring them with petrol and setting them on fire as Ndebele people are doing to Zimbabweans in South Africa.

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